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Acc roof mount light on 04 Chevy 3500

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by xc23, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. xc23

    xc23 Member
    Messages: 79

    Just bought a 04 3500 chevy dump W 8.6 fisher V blade. Noticed the button next to the pass airbag key switch for activating the beacon light. Wondering where the wire harness is for the the beacon light is so I can splice in my light and use the button to activate it . Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. durafish

    durafish PlowSite.com Addict
    from 02919
    Messages: 1,092

    I almost positive that its behind or 3rd brake light or the cover where the 3rd brake light should be. Maby take either of those off and see if you can find it or take the headliner down.
  3. vegaman04

    vegaman04 Senior Member
    Messages: 378

    There is like 4' of wire coiled above the drivers seat above the headliner. Should be brown if i remember correctly..
  4. xc23

    xc23 Member
    Messages: 79

    Thanks I ll check thoes spots and see what i find i ll let you know what i come up with.
  5. joshg

    joshg Senior Member
    from VT
    Messages: 142

  6. xc23

    xc23 Member
    Messages: 79

    Thanks I found the harness under the headliner driver side.All hooked up and ready to go. thanks joshg great info on the truck.I saved the file for future use. Thanks for all the help.