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ABS Brake light comming on

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by Easy, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Easy

    Easy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    I have a 2005 Dodge Quad Cab 4X4 with the Hemi engine, and while plowing Tues. the ABS and brake lights started to come on and go back off, finally staying on.
    I put the truck in my barn, went and took care of some business.
    When I went back out, and drove the truck all was OK.
    The dealer said there were "tone wheels" for the ABS system and if they were iced up, the lamps would come on.
    I drove the truck Wed. with no trouble.
    This morning, it started to do the same thing. Finally the lights stayed on, but the brakes seemed to work OK as I plowed for about 2 hrs. with them on.
    Sorry for the long post.
    Anyone have the same trouble?? I can't beleive they would design something that could put the anti-lock brakes OOS..

  2. DESTEFANO3782

    DESTEFANO3782 Senior Member
    Messages: 179

    i have 2 05 quab cabs and they both do it. it seems when u get alot of tire spin pushin snow it seems to do it. after they reset it seems to shut off... wouldnt worry to much about it. just watch out sum times when they pack with snow they dont wanna stop!
  3. Easy

    Easy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    This is the 3rd. season for this truck, never had a problem until now. Went out again, all OK now! Don't know what to think.. Hopefully, what ever is icing up, thaws, and stays thawed, or frozen, or whatever....
    Thanks for the reply
  4. Stark_Enterprises

    Stark_Enterprises Senior Member
    Messages: 316

    It also happens on my 02. If I spin a lot or am skidding a lot the light will come on meaning that my abs is de-activated. I restart and it makes the lights go away and it resets the ABS.
  5. carcrz

    carcrz Senior Member
    Messages: 295

    Mine did that at the beginning of the season. Check your fluid level, mine was a little low.
  6. DBL

    DBL PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,310

    i dont think its any big deal for the abs light to come on in anything especially plowing my cummins has it come on plowing every once in a while then it shuts off and the abs light is on all the time in the tow trucks at my part time job and the mechanics say its nothing
  7. theplowmeister

    theplowmeister 2000 Club Member
    from MA
    Messages: 2,617

    When the ABS light is on your brakes work but the ABS will not work IE you will skid. I had a 10 wheel volvo dump that did that, re-start and all is right with the world.