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About Nelson and Titan truck Western plow dealers

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by TheEquineFencer, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. TheEquineFencer

    TheEquineFencer Member
    Messages: 88

    Here's a copy of what I sent to them thanking them. It's a shame I had to look for a dealer almost 3000 miles away from me to get the parts I needed, but they came through for me, if all goes well I'll have my parts Saturday, my hats off to them.

    I just wanted to thank your sales guys in parts for the prompt service I received. I contacted the guys at your sister store and they put me in touch with you guys to save time. I needed a very small part to get a plow I have back up and running. I'm not even sure of the price yet. I contacted my "local dealer" around 9 am EST and never heard from them again until about an hour ago. Then the E-mail was to tell me he was sorry but he was busy and did not follow up on the order, it would be Monday before he could do anything. After making and receiving a couple of calls to you guys I have the parts coming via Priority Mail, c/o the United States Postal Service, your guys we're willing to go out their way to get it out ASAP. If all goes well I should have them Saturday. I guess I picked the right Western Dealer, the one the farthermost from me. From now on when I need parts I'm calling you guys. I'll make a posting on the Plow site telling everyone of your great service, what goes around comes around.
    Floyd T. Moore