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able 2 sho-me luminator questions

Discussion in 'Strobe Lighting' started by thewizard, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. thewizard

    thewizard Member
    Messages: 51

    anybody run one of these??

    i was thinkin about getting 2 of them, can this light be wired into another one so they work together off of one switch and be in sequence with each other?? i would like to mount them on a headache rack one on each side of the truck.

    another question i have is about the high intensity compared to regular led lighting. the state police around here have light bars that flash so freakin bright they almost give you a headache, even from a mile away you know the dude is there. thats what i want only in amber. im lookin for this type of bright lighting because here in jersey, you could physically beat someone with a strobe light and they still would dam near crash into you and then blame you for it plowing to close to their parkin spot at starbucks. would this light be what im lookin for to let idiots know im there in broad daylight??
  2. thewizard

    thewizard Member
    Messages: 51

    also, how come sirenett is so much cheaper than the SHO-ME website??
  3. groundbreakers

    groundbreakers Senior Member
    Messages: 828

    sho-me website prices represent .. MSRP ... but who ever pays that ... usually quite lower ... for the price of a sho-me ... just same a lil extra money and get your self a whelen liberty or justice .. far better lighting for the buck .... just my .002
  4. dmcarpentry

    dmcarpentry Senior Member
    from maine
    Messages: 234

    great bar had it two years now , is much brighter than any strobe or halogen and it is quiet and looks great

    would def recommend it but make sure you get the luminator not the similar looking one with like 300 small leds that bar sucks compared to this one

    and i also ordered mine from sirennet great website

    let me know if you have any questions
  5. thewizard

    thewizard Member
    Messages: 51

    well guys, i ended up breaking down and spending the money on a whelen justice mini bar. i got it from strobes and more, they were about $130 cheaper than sirennet
  6. SafetyLighting

    SafetyLighting Senior Member
    Messages: 601

    There are several different configs for the Justice, Liberty, and Freedom. One site may be cheaper than another, but it doesn't mean you are looking at the same configuration. Just FYI.
  7. thewizard

    thewizard Member
    Messages: 51

    what are the differences?? as far as i could see from both sites i looked at, they were the same. both were only available in mag mount and the permanant kit was about $50 more. i didnt buy the kit because i plan on making my own mount to work with the rack im building.
  8. SafetyLighting

    SafetyLighting Senior Member
    Messages: 601

    There are several different lighthead models used. Some are depopulated meaning they have less LEDs. It's important to compare model numbers. I'm not saying there was any difference on the ones you purchased because I haven't looked at them. I just wanted to put the info out there.
  9. thewizard

    thewizard Member
    Messages: 51

    if its just light heads could they be upgraded later with different heads if need be??