A weighty question.


S.E. Mich.
New guy on the board.
Is there an initiation I need to go through?
Hope not.
Need some info...........
Just bought a truck and want to put a blade on it.
Sooo many choices and options Im cofused.
The truck.......
02 F250 SD 4x4
5.4 Triton V8 w/auto trans
Off Road pkg.
Tow pkg.
Camper pkg.
3.73 limited slip
manual transfercase and hubs
OK heres where you pros can help.
Im not going to use this comercially but still want the most bang for my buck.
Firstly, How much weight can I hang off the front of this truck?
It has front spring code (T) supposed to be heavier than standard because of the camper pkg. but not as heavy as the plow prep pkg. (can't get both together)
Secondly, What brand?
Thirdly, Steel or Poly?
I've got 10 years of plowing experience but have never owned my own. Have always plowed for someone like you guys.
How ever I have been out of it for 5 years. Been to busy playing in the snow rather than using it for income.
Bad case of AVID SNOWMOBILER.............................
I know you guys have your favorites, but Im not looking to take on a whole list of driveways and lots. Just plan on using it for my home drive, cabin, a couple of neighbors and the church lot.
Thanks for enduring my longwindedness and thanks in advance for any info.

Let it SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Dayton, Ohio USA
Well I'm partial to Western myself but therre will be many answers to your question about the blades.
I would like to start your initiation by saying "Welcome to plowsite" and on top of that Happy Thanksgiving.


John DiMartino

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Welcome to Plowsite,Sleadhead.I think you can basically put whatever plow you want on your truck,since its a small V8 reg cab,you have a lot of front axle payload left,if it squats to much ,you can add stiffer springs,or timbren boosters.As for brands,id use what your local dealer has,so when you need parts,you can get them,I like Western/Fisher,but im trying a new Boss this year.I cna get parts quickly for all 2 of them in my area,and the wetern/Fisher have held up excellent for me.
just went with a boss myself on an 01 f150 7700 series looking to do about the same so i wanted the smart hitch for fast removal...but from what ive learned as with trucks everyone has their opinion on which brand...lol...go with the dealer that will give you the best service in your area..good luck..



S.E. Mich.
Its not a reg. cab, but instead a supercab.
If I go with a "pro" plow with more moldboard reinforcement and larger carriage am I going to start crossing the weight threshold of the front end?
Especially if I choose to go with a poly blade.
Also the closest "dealer" to me is a Meyer dealer.
All Ive been hearing is "stay away from them"




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I noticed that you are from Michigan. That has alot to do with the opinions on staying away from meyer. Seems the most common and most used plows here are Western in first place and Boss in second. Myself, I have a Western. I've used a Boss and even a Snoway but never a Meyer.

I just checked Western and Meyers website for dealer locations. I can't believe it. I have a Meyer dealer about 6 miles away.:eek: But I also have two! Western dealers within about 8-10 miles in different directions.
So, since everyone says "choose the brand with the closest dealer" ... What if I have 2 dealers of another brand? If one is out of stock on a part, I have a back-up just about as close. That changes things.
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John DiMartino

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Sled head,go ahead and get the pro plow,even with the excab,your fine weight wise,only the diesels are to heavy for the plow.Even a western 9 ft pro is only 750 lbs,so your truck will carry that easily.

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
Welcome aboard!

We have a 97 F250 extcab,diesel with a Boss 9'2" V no problems so far.It does squat a little in the front,so I think I will put Timbrens on it this year.
Good Luck
Mike Nelson
New York Snow Pros

P.S. Go with the dealer you feel will give you the best service.:)

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