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a trip for nothing


PlowSite.com Veteran
today i moved a plow for the mechanic at work, from winstead where he bought it today to his house in brookfield. that trip was not a waste. It clicked to me that while in brookfield i'll try and get my fleece back that i left in ct18fireman's truck coming back from the plowsite bbq.

I talked to him last night via AIM. he told me his cell # and the address of his shop as i wanted to see his 6 trucks. this morning i called him, he told me he'd be around there at 12, the expected time i would have dropped off the plow and headed over to his shop (8 minutes trip time from the mechanics house to ct's shop). i call his cell on a landline and on my cell, i get his voicemail. he's not there. then i decide to take a ride over to his shop.

i found it, and of course there's no trucks of his there, no signs that he even rents a space there. so, for now he doesn't even exist as a business.

i think it's pretty lame for a person to be pretending to be something he's not.

and after 2 months, i try to get my fleece back as i'm in the same town, i'm promised i'll get it back by him of course it didn't happen. and there were none of his trucks there.

i wouldn't trust this mans word for $.02 as he wasted my time and patience.




Western CT

Seriously man where did you go?
I got no call and my brother and three of his friends were there all day. I think you went to the wrong place. Was it a big red barn? There should have been a bike shop out front?


2000 Club Member
If he gets sick, that means he is home from school.
If he is home from school, that means he has more time to post.
And no one wants that. JK Bryan


PlowSite.com Veteran
I have other jackets, the fleece was a nice one i had though.
I'll be up there to visit u next week, after christmas. maybe i'll stop by and see john dimartino.



PlowSite.com Sponsor
Dayton, Ohio USA
For gosh sakes, guys box up the fleece and snail-mail it to him. I mean his handle is snow and I don't want to offend anything to do with snow. Maybe that's why we are all crying for snow. LOL J/K


Senior Member
gettin salty

Geez I've heard aboout being salty about snow removal and stuff but this is REALLY some salt here. Hope u got paid somehow for transporting the plow Bryan


Stamford, CT
Snow leaves his stuff all over?

Maybe next time he visits someone, he'll leave his truck or digital cam!!!;)

Just kidding snow,

Hey CT, the fleece could have developed legs and walked back in all this time. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ send it to the young guy will you!

His mom is probably breaking his chops over the darned fleece. She isn't gonna let him play with us bullies anymore if you dont send it back.....

Wait a minute! is that such a bad thing? LOL

Seriously CT send it back to him, I wouldnt want to have to send my bill collector up... he's bigger and meaner than me !!!;)