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Well, pulling into work to day I got to see a beutiful sight. A tractor trailer loaded with brand new Monroe Plows, stainless steel spreader inserts, and a shiny new 'u' spreader bodies.

We only got the 14 ft plow on top of the load, but it would of been nice to have seen the rest unloaded.

If all goes well, we'll be taking delivery of the new Osh Kosh MPT tomorrow and hooking that baby up. Very excited as snow is in the forecast and that truck may get put into service within hours of delivery.

If any of you have never driven a Osh Kosh, its a must. Drives like a cadillac. When testing it, the truck feels to have more acceleration than our chevy 6.5 turbo diesels pickups and about he same turning radius. Just wish I was the 'senior' driver on our team so that I could be the primary driver.



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Thats about how I feel when I see a tractor trailer load of Fisher Plows on it's way down 95.

Only today was even a better day. I saw an F 250 extended cab full of Diamond blades and frame kits, on it's way to a Diamond dealer.



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New Haven, CT
Boy you guys are bad.

Today I only got excited when we hooked up a new air dryer for the compressor. All of that shiny new copper pipe....

We don't get to see trailer loads of plows unless they are headed through CT to Jersey or NY. And, no-one likes to cut through CT unless they have to!!

I did get excited last week when I got to unload 10 pallets of ice melt..

Maybe I need a hobby!


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me too!

steve, i think you'll have to get us some picts of that truck when it comes in. sounds like a beast. i thought it was cool when a tractor trailer with 2 old state trucks went by.

or when our town got 5 new sterling dumps- very nice trucks!



Stamford, CT
Looks like Santa came early for Steveair.

Oshkosh MPT ... WOW, nice rig !!!

Snow is right, send us some pics of that bad boy when she is all set to go!

Keep hoping good Ol' St. Nick will deliver that new Black DuraMax , and my Black Hummer.( see all I want for Christmas thread)

Steveair, tell us more about that MPT, how did you spec it out, and what was the price tag?

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