A new "twist" on a snow shovel design!

Roger Dodger

Senior Member
nw Pa.
This is true but, so very stupid, that all one can do is laugh.

We've all seen ergonomic designs of one sort or another applied to snow shovels designed to ease the effort. I ran into an old acquaintance at a show this past weekend, and as we chatted afterwards, he told me of his latest idea of a modified snow shovel. He removed the anchoring pins at the handle's base and drilled elongated slots to allow the handle to rotate in a small arc, thereby keeping his hand in a more natural position. He pulls it from his van and demonstrates it by shoveling some heavy, wet snow. The stuff immediately slides off left, & right, depending upon the momentum of his efforts. He can't lift a scoop's worth for the life of him. I raise my eyebrows, then my head, looking to see if any loose bricks from a nearby building may have broke loose and knocked him silly! Even my 6 yr. old son commented on our drive home, "Dad, he needs to get a new shovel.":rolleyes:

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