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A little about Click Plow

Discussion in 'Click Plow' started by JamesMoorhead, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. JamesMoorhead

    JamesMoorhead Member
    Messages: 84

    Click Plow LLC is a service based company near Grand Rapids MI. We specialize in providing snow plow jobs to drivers nationwide, and it's sent right to their mobile phone. We currently service the greater Grand Rapids area, Muskegon, and will soon offer Lansing, and anywhere in between.

    Click Plow offers residents the ability to book and pay for a snow plow service online, or over the phone. After the quick and secure payment process, the job gets dispatched right to the Drivers (you) phone. Drivers can then decide if they want it, or not, and are paid a commission on all completed jobs. Take on as many as you can handle. or toss a few in on current routes. It's free to sign up, and only takes a few minutes.

    We open up areas based on the number of drivers per that area. So the more drivers we sign up in an area, we will then offer it to customers. So feel free to sign up from anywhere in the United States- or anywhere they have snow.

    **Let us know if you have more than 1 truck and can handle a larger amount of jobs* Feel free to ask questions or state your concerns. We value all questions and opinions. Let us know if there is room for improvement. Happy Plowing!
  2. JamesMoorhead

    JamesMoorhead Member
    Messages: 84

    Hey PlowSite Members,

    Just wanted to let everybody in West Michigan know that our radio commercials are set to air starting Jan 1st. So if you are in the listening area of B93 or 104.5 WSNX, tune in to catch us on the air.

    We wish everybody a safe and happy holidays! :waving:
  3. QuickPlow

    QuickPlow Junior Member
    Messages: 11

    Thats good to know. thanks.