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A list for Newbies?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Radguy, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Radguy

    Radguy Member
    Messages: 72

    I think it would be nice to have a list of 10-20 Tips or tricks that you experienced guys could tell us newbies.

    Sound like a good idea? If so post up your Tips or Tricks:waving:
  2. jlag

    jlag Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    Tip for removing packed snow infront of garage door that will not back drag:

    Scrape forward toward the garage with a SLIGHT angle.

    Stop 2 to 5 feet in front of door (depending on how much snow is in front of the blade).

    Lift blade, shake the snow off of it with a quick left-right-left-right motion.

    Drive forward so the pile of loose snow is behind the blade.

    Drop the blade and drag the hopefully loosened powder back out of the driveway.

    This might be an old trick, but I haven't seen too many drivers use it (maybe because they have backdrag edges!).
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2003
  3. easthavenplower

    easthavenplower Senior Member
    Messages: 282

    drive down sidewalks with plow angled to street if you can dont dig the grass people get upset
  4. griffithtlc

    griffithtlc Senior Member
    Messages: 213

    Just check out Chuck's FAQ at the top of the Snowplowing Discussions page.
  5. NoStockBikes!!

    NoStockBikes!! Senior Member
    Messages: 213

  6. Radguy

    Radguy Member
    Messages: 72

    This only makes you better on the message board, not with your plowing skills:waving:

    Thanks for the tips guys kepp 'em coming:cool: