a learned lesson!


I ran synthetis in an old engine (88chevy silverado excablongbed) and messed up the engine a little. This is the order that it happened in if i remember crrectly.
1. the engine was running from poor circulation i think because of the synth oil.
2. Then a hole in the radiator hose, which was second mistake because when water was put in to make it through the rest of the day the head gasgets burned and now its got anti freeze in the oil .
3. No commpression so replaced oil pump and then realised what probbably happened(burned top end from the snyth oil and then water instead of coolant)

I am new to big equipment and am learning the hard way. I will never use synthetic oil in a big truck with an old engine and always will fill the radiator while the car is on and the fluid circulating and will never use water instead of collant.


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Your post is a little hard to follow. What do you mean by "running from poor circulation"? And how do you figure you "burned the top end from synthetic oil"? It would be a lot easier to understand your post if it were a little less like Pidgin English. I apologize it that sounds like a cheap shot, but I cannot figure out just what you were trying to convey.



A diagnosis was done on the truck and it just neede a tune up. I did the tune up and it is running a lot better. It is amazing how much of a difference can be noticed from a set of park pugs wires cap and rotor. Sorry bout the enlish. hehe!