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I use fluid film on a job of replacing bearings once and having it on my hands kept them from getting embedded with grease and getting dry and cracked from the cleaning solvents used. Remembering that, coupled with the fact I ran out of spray cans, I came up with this idea.

I filled an old hand cleaner pump dispenser with bulk FF. A rag can be treated to wipe down the rams on the plow upon parking, wipe tools off as they get put away, fill a small can and brush onto shovels and spades after cleaning and sharpening. This little pumper comes in handy. I'll try a trigger bottle next.
Here is a video of filling an electric sprayer, from the gallon.

Not exciting I know, but I was going to use some of it to edit with spraying the truck down. It comes out about like a light latex paint. The sprayer comes with a small viscosity cup with which you time how long it takes to drain out a hole in the bottom. I suspect that it will shoot better after some thinning as a result of it not draining in the alloted time frame. This sprayer worked pretty well for undercoating my truck. I think I could dial it in a little more or thin the FF some and get better about 1/2 gallon left after quickly and not so thoroughly, doing a shortbed 1500 with one coat. I may be coating my summer wheels soon and will try to get a video of spraying them with this Chicago Electric Sprayer.
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