"A" frame arm follow-up


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Well, guys, it`s like this...
`scuse me, cause I forgot how much a old flatulent person I`ve become, & whom I`m interacting with now...

Yes, I`m referring to "Control Arm" bushings...(my generation referred to them as "A" frame arms, because that`s the general shape of the component, & at the time, they were only on the front)

I`m the one who got the one WITHOUT the easy, convenient, time-saving, labor-friendly grease fittings.

More than once.

So, "Stupid" here, needs a lube to PENETRATE the BUSHINGS on the "front control arms, upper & lower", to prolong their effective life, so I don`t have to bust my gut REPLACING them.


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If its at the point you feel they need lubricating, their "effective life" is in effect up. Bite the bullet replace em and good for another 200k.

John DiMartino

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Over time,pentrating oil will usually make rubber bushings swell,and distort,like was mentioned,if they are that bad,they are gone.I know the thought of doing that job isnt fun,but the truck will handle much beter,and braking becomes more responsive,and even.You wounldnt believe how much worn control arm bushings can deflect,under noraml driving,and they really get worked out braking.


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well if you have your heart set on greasing them you can get a greasing thing for putting grease in cv joint boots, it is a zirk fitting with a hypodermic needle attatched. it save replaceing a cvjoint in a car for me once , for a couple of bucks at the zone

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