"A" Frame Arm Bushings


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I need to know which is the best product to apply to the "A" frame arm bushings to keep them from getting dry and brittle.
My latest Chevy truck is an `82 C-10 2x4, and I`m gettin` too old to jack this sucker up and get under it to pull the "A" frame arms and put them in a vise to burn out the bushings to put new ones in. And I can`t afford to support someone else`s lifestyle to do it for me. I went through some dry dusty conditions recently and they have begun to squeak, and from past experience I know that replacement is not far down the road, unless the right lube is used.
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Is this referring to the control arm bushings themselves (greasable) or bushings for the front sway bar if so equipped?

To the best of my knowledge, the control arm bushings take regular chassis grease, it's important to keep them greased at regular intervals.

Looking at an older (1977) GM service manual, it says for Series 10 (1/2 ton) trucks, every 12 months or 7500 miles (whichever comes first) to lube all grease fittings in suspension/steering linkage.

However, it also says that in dusty or muddy conditions or off-road use, lube the grease fittings every 3 months or 3000 miles.

If it's the sway bar bushings (which are rubber from the factory) probably a spray lube of some kind would work there but I'm not sure which kind would work best.

If they have to be replaced anyway, get 'em done but have urethane replacement ones installed.


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Good bet is to lube at every oil change. Your down under there and dirty anyway. On a side note a lot of trucks now come without lubable fittings. When you replace u-joints and such put the ones in with grease fittings. It can lead to an expense savings especially in a work truck.


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i replaced one on an 89 gmc a few years back and it was not a greasable type fitting.......control arm bushing, also it was a dealer part so i was stuck.........i do remember though that there are a few different sizes with only a few mm difference and i first got the wrong one

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