a Dodge find.....

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by Metro Lawn, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Good find... Not bad condition... Its definately a work horse... If I were in the market I would shoot him an email offer of $1750 Buy it now and show him the greenbacks... He might bite... My 89 is in a little better shape with 33's and only 75K original with a 318 and I have been offered $4000 cash... so who knows...
  3. KTM

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    I could have swore I remember seeing that truck on Ebay last year for sale, It was A church who owned it, and it looks like a church bus in the background of the picture.
  4. Milwaukee

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    Wow nice dodge.

    That place look to be junkyard.

    Do you know what carb it use in that?

    Hey Metro Lawn

    I went to Taylor auto salvage I saw brown dodge I think it oldest than that probability 70's to 80's it look nice but you can't buy that but you can buy parts from that.
  5. jjklongisland

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    I believe 88 and newer are fuel injected...
  6. Kingwinter

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    its prob got 175k on it... or even 275k. When did they start adding the extra 0 to the odometer?
  7. Niteman9

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    I have 1990 dodge with 36,000 miles on it and the odometer reads 036000.
  8. OP
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    89 or 90 I think

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    it is 90.
    89 still is cable and only has 6 digits.
    90 has the wire and 7 digits.
    *** got to remember one digit is tenths of a mile***

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    The picture of the odometer reads just shy of 086 000miles. Seems like a decent beater.