99 f350 price ?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by sam c, Jan 12, 2001.

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    i just test drove and test plowed,thanks to an unplowed lot i found,a 1999 f350 duley PSD, auto,no air,windows,or locks, vinal seat and mat,(just the way i like it due to my yellow lab) 9' fisher,omaha elec/hyd dump stake bed w/fold down sides,35k mi.the truck,bed and plow are in mint cond. its at a local used car dealer. he says $28,900 is the best he can do from $29,900. How does this price sound to you guys?

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    Is this truck a 4x4? or a 2x4 ? makes a big difference.
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    My uncle just bought a 2000 Chevy 3500 4x4,2-3 yd dump,9ft Western straight blade,4.10,locking differential,underbody toolboxes on both sides,6.5 turbo diesel,auto,A/c.For 33000 brand new.It is a 12000GVWR,which i think is a little heavier duty than the Ford.I know the powerstroke has more power,the 6.5 is 215hp/430 ft lbs.It does have much more power than the 99 and older ones that were only 190hp/385.He has a 2 yd airflow stainless spreader in it,and it handles it great.
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    It isn't a bad price, but it isn't super great. My advice is you can get it for 28,500 and ya like the truck go for it.

    BTW it was the powerstrokes prior to 99 with the 190 HP. Also superduty C&Cs have a 12500 GVW.

    Only here is some food for thought. After specing an F 350 C&C much like yours, you should be able to find a Brand New truck just like it for 28,000 or less with a few other bells. Just be adviced you will still need to add a body and plow, so your total cost will be higher. However this may be something to think about.

  5. OP
    sam c

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    sorry guys! yes 4x4 and 12,500 GVWR

    i`m abbrevation illiterate what`s BTW?
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    By the Way!

    Thats an easy one!! It took me a few months a first to figureout all these stupid abbreviations too!!
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    That same truck/plow new would have cost you about 36K.
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    I'm not in the market for a new truck yet, but I do like to look. I stopped in at a Ford dealer a couple of weeks ago, to look at cab chassis. They had a new F450 4x4, V10, auto, dually, in XL trim for $31k and some change. Didn't think that was too bad of a price.
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    Window breakage

    I have heard also that the new fords with the power stroke should not have a plow on them if they are super of crew cab, seems with the long frame when you get the plow pushing alot of snow or up to a curb, the front and rear windows blow out because of the twisting frame. Also a friend of mine plows the a new 350 dually and has torn both rear fender wells off. He says the power stroke plows nicely.
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    Well just figue out what a new one would be probably around $32K for the truck $4-5K for the dump $3,200 for the plow.So i would figure about $3,500 $4,500 for depriation on it .That's the way i try to look at the cost of a used truck plus how the condition of it is.And we all like to pay less than what it actully cost anyway.
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    Window break.

    Ah I don't think so. The cab isn't bolted directly to the frame, it isn't on any brand of truck. It has some sort of rubber cab mount to prevent this. First for the windows to break the cab would have to twist a lot. Look at how many trucks get in accidents with badly smashed cabs and often times windows are still in tack. For the cab to twist the frame would have to twist a lot to cause the rubber mounts to fail. If your claim was also true, I would think the pick up bed mounts would have broken off by now.

    I think this claim is total BS. I am not saying this because I like Fords. I am saying this because it is un true for Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, whatever.

    The problem with plows on trucks with extended and crew cabs is this. It is fine to plow with gas because the engine doesn't weigh that much. However the power stroke weighs over 1000 lbs. So when you add a plow the front end is over the legal limit. That is why Ford doesn't recomened a plow on extended cabs because it is against the law. Just like the don't recomend plowing with a ranger because it overloads the front end. It is all one big legal isshue. However many Ford dealer will warrenty an extendad cab with diesel and a plow.

    However we are talking about a regular cab truck.


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  12. SLSNursery

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    Here's what I think

    In 1998-99 the truck would cost about 36-37K out the door. On 5 year Depreciation:

    New 1/1/99 - 37,500
    Value 1/1/00 - 37,500 * .8 (5 yr. depr.) - 30,000
    Value 1/1/01 - 30,000 * .8 - 24,000

    24K plus dealer markup is about $28K. However the truck is basically 3 years old now, and out of warranty.

    For not much more money you could get a new one. Financing will be easier and at a lower rate. You might even find a 2000 leftover with a rebate or lowered price. I shopped a 2001 F-750 Single axle dump, and was offered a pretty good sized rebate or 8.9% financing.

    Bottom line is that if you NEED the truck then 29K is money well spent for what you need, NOW. Otherwise you can do better. The upside is that taxes will be a little less, and if the truck has easy miles on it and you keep it nice, it will last for a while.

    Now, my opinion is based on our situation. If this is your first newer truck, then it might be good way to go. This sort of deal is exactly what I bought when I couldn't afford new, but needed reliable. Now we have other trucks, so I have time on my side when shopping.
  13. 9FT.PILES

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    sales dept.

    you can purchase a new one for them pesos,the new FORDS have CATERPILLARS IN ,NO MORE POWER "STROKES" WHY STEER SOMEONE ELSES HEART ACHE?
  14. Dusty

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    If it were a great deal, it would have been sold already. I would rather spend the additional money and buy a new one. The differance is too close and repairs are costly when the truck is out of warrantee. Price the cost of a transmission, differantial, and engine and you will see what I mean. If any one of these things goes wrong, all the savings go out the window.
  15. plowking35

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    The cats are only available in the F-650 and up trucks.
    Still have the PS in the F 550-250
  16. 4 Saisons

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    Monthly payments will be same due to higher maintenance on a year scale. And the worst is to budget it, if you broke you will need the cash to afford it and its hard to telling you when it will happen. Use credit card at high rates to paiy that bill will again raise the cost of your innitial purchase.

    At the opposite if you are a good wrecker and have a good cashflow, you can have bennefit on used truck.
  17. OP
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    All the input is great keep it coming! mabey in my region these trucks are more expensive i`ve not been able to come up with a new one with similar equip. for less than $10k more than the 99. where are they? I`ll travel pretty far to get new for the same money! not to mention lower finance costs.