99 brake question


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i have a 99 chevy 4x4,1/2 ton pickup,does anyone have a problem once and while of when you apply the brakes coming to a red light the brakes dont work for a quick 3-4 seconds, then it kicks in and works finally. i have abs also.this seems to happen once a day only.


i have 2 96 models a2500 4x4 and 1500 4x4 they do the same thing. the abs light stays on all the time on the 1500 but the light doesnt come on the 2500 i have heard alot of people complain but nothing has been said what the problem is gm knows but they dont say nothing my brakes do it about once every week or so you never know until you go to mash them

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There is a recall on 99 and 00 model 1500 and 2500, trucks for a brake line that may come into contact with the cab. Call your dealer for more info.
BTW, your screen name suggest that you are a stern fan?


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That sounds scary! I'd get that fixed fast. Now I guess you have to leave more stopping distance in front of you.


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thanks for the bad news!also i went in for the recall on the brake line problem, but they said there is a back order on the part!!!!!!!!!

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Whoa! You say no brakes for a QUICK 3-4 seconds???

Do you realize that at 60 miles per hour that is enough to travel 2 football fields?

You really need to have this truck towed, not driven, towed in for repair.

Will you be able to live with yourself if you cream someone? Your truck will cut through an average car like a Ford Taurus like a hot knife through butter!!!

Best of Luck!