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98 GMC question

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by PTTP08, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. PTTP08

    PTTP08 Senior Member
    from mn
    Messages: 183

    I bought this truck sight on seen cause it was a screaming deal 98 GMC ext.cab long box SUPER clean some grampa owned it and runs like a champ I can always turn it if I don't like the truck.

    My question is this whats the differance between the GMC SL 2500 and the GMC SL 2500HD? I ran the vin and nothing came up. I am assuming I can put a plow on either model?? I also have a 92 2500 with a western on it been plown for 5 years with that truck no problems at all thats why I bought another one but in 92 they didnt offer a HD model. So thus why I am asking the pro's thanks again for your info
  2. Banksy

    Banksy PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,113

    Weight. Check the rear axle. Does it have the hubs sticking out from the middle of the wheel? If so, that's the heavier (full floating) axle. Slap the plow on it. It'll do fine.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2012
  3. PTTP08

    PTTP08 Senior Member
    from mn
    Messages: 183

    nope. no hubs sticking out so its not a full floating rear end oh well I am ganna stick a plow on it anyway. My 92 is the same way no hubs sticking out. YEEHAAA I get to run two truck this winter and make some more bling!!!
  4. dieselss

    dieselss PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,392

    Just wondering. Are you sure there's no hubs sticking out of the center rear tire? I could be wrong but I didn't think gm offered an hd model on the 2500s till the body style change
  5. xtreem3d

    xtreem3d PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,548

    could the HD be an eight cyl and the regular be a 6 cyl? one of my guys has a chevy like that but i can't remember the year
  6. jmmay82

    jmmay82 Junior Member
    from chicago
    Messages: 6

    Yeah the gvw is just a little lighter they make a six lug and an eight lug wheel 2500. That is the easiest way to check I have a couple of each can't really tell the difference the eight lug 2500 is a pain to change the front rotors though
  7. dieselss

    dieselss PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,392

    Yea,,,,and to take off the rear drums......one of the reasons I got ride of my 96
  8. BillyRgn

    BillyRgn Senior Member
    Messages: 728

    I may be wrong but I thought the HD was only available as a extended cab long box not sure of what options came with it. I am also pretty sure that the 6 lug 2500's were classified as 2500 light duty and I think they stopped offering them in 95??. Wether it is a HD or not it will do fine with a plow. My 98 gmc 2500 extended cab short bed with a 6.5 diesel and 3:73 rear end with the g80 option is the best truck I have ever driven in the snow by far and I have driven quite a few trucks new and old ford and gm