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I'm interested in installing a plow on my 98 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab, 139" WB. I have the 5.9L Cummins, I'm worried about the front end weight & stability. I called a Fisher dealer & he informed me that Fisher does not recc. installing a plow on the truck. He would still install one, 7.5' straight, $3,500 installed, but it was my decision. Any thoughts?

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I put a 7 1/2 Fisher on my 96 Cummins excab,long bed,they wouldnt do it.Mine didnt sag at all,but it was legally overloaded.I plowed 3 yrs with it commercially,not one problem.My 2000 ,I just put a 9'2" BOSS V on it,ill see how it plows this season..I know the truck will handle it fine,but its still illegal,its your call.Id go with a new Ultra mount 8 ft ,same weight as Fisher 7 1/2,and wider,and easier to mount.The Fisher 8 ft is too heavy,at 855 lbs,western is 730 lbs.BTW that truck makes one heck of a pushing truck,believe me,after yo plow once with it,you'll wish you put a 9 ft on it.


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I have a 98 Dodge 2500HD with a V10 and a 8.5 Fisher V and a Fisher tailgate spreader, although the V10 is lighter than the Diesel, the EZ-V is a pretty heavy plow, and the Dodge carries it better then my 98 GM 2500 (less Sag even with the torsion bars turned up a bit). I usually carry about 1000lbs of bagged salt at the start of a plow day, so I have lots of ballast, on the trip home the salt is usally gone. I have had a problem with the Dodge front end though, The only original piece in the steering gear is the left hand tie rod end. Track bar, right hand tie rod end($480.CDN!!!) and drag link have all worn out! Plus steering box seal, and the sway bar links ($110 each CDN!!). This was like my old eary 90 GMs, where you replace the idler arm every spring under warranty, till it ran out, and then replaced it with a Moog unit which lasted the life of the truck, only problem none of the post 97 Dodge front end steering parts are availible aftermarket! The Weakest Link! in this truck the transmission! use low range if the snow is heavy.
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