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97 to 2000 plow conversion


Junior Member
Iam changing my plow from my 96 1/2 ton to a 2000 1/2ton chevy pickup.
What will I need to change new frame for truck?
Complete light harness or can old harness be used?


Junior Member
I called three dealers two said need new lights and harness
costing around $250.00

one said only needed adapter plug at about $60

also e-mailed meyers who said I would need new lights and harness

just trying to find out why new lights and harness are needed.

is there some new light system that doesn"t use a hot wire and a ground to power it ?

maybe it is thermo-nuclear powered.(ha-ha)

appreciate any one who could provide insight.



2000 Club Member
If you have a 2000 silverado you will need a new sub frame, and my bet is a new light harness. They have changed the DRL from 96-2000 and the new harness needs that upgrade.
Check with Bill Nero from CPW and he will set you up. I believe he said truck side changeover (sub frameand harness) runs about $ 500-600.