97 f-350 dump


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Madison Va.
What do you guys think a 1997 f-350 xlt 4x4 with a 12' grain dump is worth? It has a 460 and is an automatic. The truck is in excellant condtion with 28,000 miles. Thanks for your input.


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There's a similar truck for sale in my area with a 9' Fisher and an 8' dump body, asking 23,000. It's not moving though, it's been there for a couple months. That might be an indication of too high a price.


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S. Maine
We bought a 1996 F350 4X4 with a 2-3 yard dump and minute mount plow also has the Powerstroke diesel for $17,000.00 I wouldnt pay much more then 19k becuase its a gasser! But milage helps look at the kelly blue book!


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New Jersey

My boss had one couldn't haul anything it was a 96' 4x4 rack body with a western plow lots of power, no brakes to stop it though so dont plan on hauling too much with it.

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