96 GMC 3500, and a Meyer st-90


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I've got a 96 GMC 3500, 4X4, and I might be purchasing an old Meyer st-90. The plow is not in great shape, but I'd be getting it a bargain. My question is, How do I mount this to my truck? This came off of a Toyota Landcruiser. I can make a bracket to mount the lifting frame to my truck, but I'm not sure what the ends of the A frame attach to. I've search and searched online, and can't find a diagram on how this is supposed to mount. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Another thing to consider is if your K3500 is a dually or SRW? If it's a SRW, your gonna be OK with the 7.5' width of the plow, however an 8' (C-8) would be better.

However if your truck IS a dually, just forget the ST-90. A dually NEEDS a 8.5' plow minimum.

Good deals do you no good if they aren't really what you need!

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