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95 f-150 ???

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by enufsed, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. enufsed

    enufsed Junior Member
    from pa
    Messages: 2

    does anyone know if a western uni-mount off of a 97 f-250 will work on a 95 f-150?
  2. Pelican

    Pelican 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,075

    enufsed, Welcome to Plowsite!:drinkup:

    I don't remember when they split the body styles, but if the 150 body is the same as the 250 body, then yes, they will interchange. The current F-150 and F-250 light duty bodystyles also interchange, but F-250 Heavy Duty or Super Duty will not.

    Be careful if you're using an 8' blade, it will probably be too heavy for the 1/2 ton front end.
  3. enufsed

    enufsed Junior Member
    from pa
    Messages: 2

    the body style is the same and it is a 7 1/2 foot blade. i shouldn't have any prob...should i?
  4. ScottyB.

    ScottyB. Member
    Messages: 55

    Be careful with F150's from '90-'97. They can't handle a lot of weight. This caution comes even from a Ford fan. A friend of mine totally screwed up the front end of his F150 although he had a "light weight" plow.
    If it's just going to be a plow truck you might take the chance, but if your putting it on your everyday truck...beware. Check with a local plow dealer to see how to beef up the front end.
  5. Snow7669

    Snow7669 Junior Member
    Messages: 9


    I've been plowing with 150's as my personal trucks since 1978. The first one was a brand new 1978 w/ 7 12" Meyers. After 2 years I had worn out the front coil springs. Replaced them and added air bags to the inside of the coils. Problem fixed. Kept that truck till 1985 bought another 150 w/ 7.5' Meyers, before I brought it home I had the dealer install air bags to the front coil springs, never had a problem, other than a bag broke (where and when I didn't know)
    Just replaced it and went on. Sold that one w/ 212,000 miles.
    Kept that till 1996 bought a new one w/ 7.5' Meyers, did the same thing air bags installed before I even brought the truck home. Kept that one until last fall (could'nt pass up the financing) had 120,000 on it when I sold it and never a problem w/ the bags.
    Other than that you should have a heavy duty front axle rating on the truck w/ manual lockout hubs. With my last truck I finally got away from the 150 went to a 250 just so I could try out the Blizzard 810 wing plow. Good luck, but my advice is definitely the bags!

    PS The 8"0 is too much weight if it is a Meyers or equal.