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Can the Airbag onthe steering wheel be disconected and removed with out the safety Nazi's having a bird, I saw in one of those lowrider truck magazine, they featured a 1997 Chevy Tahoe lowered and a crappy custom paint and in the inside the air bag steering wheel was gone and replaced with a custom steering so what goes.


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Well you can do what ever you want. there are some things to remember about airbags. first they are a bomb waiting to go off. you have to keep this in mind. don't store it face down. I recommend that you check a service manual out from the library, remember there my be legal ramifacations if some one else drives your vehicle and has an accident with it. I also don't like the airbag steering wheels. Good Luck

John DiMartino

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I dont like thr airbags either,but the aftermarket wheels should be illegal.If you get hit semi-hard and go into the wheel-you will die,the aftermarket wheels break off and go into your chest.They do not test them in crashes like the original.I would use the 94 and down factory wheel if you cant take the airbag-or get one out of a 8600 and up 96-98.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


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Thats is a good point. I would go after a Vet Wheel. They are hard to come by. but can look Cool. And they are tested.

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