95-96 fuel injectors cloging

lawn and stump

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madison ct
my 96 dodge 318 with 25,000 miles was skipping I took it to the dealer and he said it had 2 cylinders with burnt valves.
He put on 1 new head and did a valve job on the other.
also he replaced the fuel injectors and the "rack" which is the manifold pipe that gas flows to the injectors. he said that some of the racks were not coated properly and they rusted inside and clogged the injectors. that god that I had a service contract but they had to charge me $310 for the rack which was not covered
The service mananger said dodge has not admitted that the racks were defective and my mechanic was over dianosing. I saw the rust in the injectors how else could it get there? any body else had this problem ?

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