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I picked up an old Fisher snowplow asssembly that basically bolted right up to the frame of my 94 S10 Blazer 4X4(that I bought used for off road use/plowing snow for our house).

I FINALLY got the cables figured out (which one goes where and "centering" the adjustments) and am now down to the plow frame mounted lights. They have high & low beam, left and right turn signal on them. Wires are white (high beam), brown?(ground), black (low beam), reds (one works the right turn signal, the other works the left trun signal).

What do I need to complete the wiring on the plow headlights and turn signal/marker lights?

Also, all 9 of the cutting blade are either loose or MIA. What do I replace them with? I can buy 1/2" carriage bolts but aren't they too soft (which means, are there speical/hardened bolts that should be in there?)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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