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94 Chevy 1500 6.5L Diesel, Blizzard 760LT

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by danmc, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. danmc

    danmc Member
    Messages: 84

    Here are pics of my friends setup: 94 Chevy 1500, 6.5 Diesel Blizzard 760LT. I'm covering his route for him this weekend (lucky me!!! :redbounce )




  2. danmc

    danmc Member
    Messages: 84

    Why are they links?

    Can anyone tell me how to get pictures to show up as pictures instead of needing to click on them as a link?


    MOW ME OVER Senior Member
    Messages: 209

    The only way that I know how to is to only post one picture at a time.
  4. danmc

    danmc Member
    Messages: 84

    Front view

    OK, here's a front view...
  5. Stik208

    Stik208 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,319

    Did your friend do a swap for the Diesel in the 1500, because I am almost positive that there are no 1500 diesels. There is one other person on this site who has a 1500 diesel but hes a neighbor to the North where they do have different types of car and truck engines. If you could let me know that would be great.
  6. Stik208

    Stik208 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,319

    I didnt think they made 1/2 ton diesels. :confused:
  7. danmc

    danmc Member
    Messages: 84

    Back then....

    My friend is the second owner. The original owner special ordered the diesel - it has the 2500 series suspension....
    I've also seen a 1500 extended cab diesel, i think that one was a 96
  8. GSORK

    GSORK Senior Member
    Messages: 128

    I have seen 1500 Diesel Surburbans
  9. Dieselgeek

    Dieselgeek Senior Member
    Messages: 161

    You also could get 2 door tahoe/yukons with diesels...
  10. Freddy130

    Freddy130 Senior Member
    Messages: 198

    for a few years gm 1500 trucks offered the 6.5 there is a '95 up the road from me with one it's a nice truck,