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93 1T/Cummins/ Diamond PLow- need a Pulley

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by lp0043, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. lp0043

    lp0043 Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    Hello, I just bought a 93 Dodge 1T 4x4 (off orig. owner only 40k miles!) with the 5.9 12V Cummins. The truck came with a unmounted Diamond (Fisher guys pls read on...) 8ft. trip edge plow in the box. I have just had the plow installed and we thought all the parts were there but have found we are missing the V-pulley that mounts onto the crankshaft and drives the pump. (NOTE- this set up, mounts ,plow brakets, controller and cable control valve etc is identical to a FISHER plow I have on a 95 Dodge with a Cummins, which also has the "under hood hydraulics" which has a belt from the pump down to a V-pulley mounted onto to the crank.)
    I am having problems locating this pulley! Everything is mounted and ready to go x-cept for sourcing this pully to drive the hydraulics!
    Can anyone suggest a supplier? I also actually had to replace the angling cylinders and swapped them with Fisher rams and they were an exact match (1.5x10" stroke). will a Fisher pulley fit? (still available???)
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated as I am stuck.