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92 E4od

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Heavy 92, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Heavy 92

    Heavy 92 Junior Member
    from B.C
    Messages: 7

    :drinkup:Hey all, Whaen i put transfer case into 4 high, the low range light comes on but no 4x4 light. It seems to start out in 1st gear to about 1100 rpm , then shifts directly to 3rd gear. Transfer casae in loe range seems to pose no problems and shifts normally, 4x4 lights on the dash and it also says low range. I have had this f...ing transmission redone 3 times 2 complete to the tune of 6 grand , converter cooked once ,solenoid pack went, hammered the o.d planetary through the entire case last summer, i know ,i know should have put a scud missle into the side of this thing and blew it into the river, but into deep now, im tired of paying for the tranny shops winter holiday to mexico ,so if anyone has encountered this before, or has a fix, could you help a guy out. im looking to fix it with a gattling gun, but cant til after snow season.......... Cheers to all

    OHSIX6OH Junior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 25

  3. ERWbuilders

    ERWbuilders Senior Member
    Messages: 843

    man e4ods suck azz...heres what im telling everyone else...aftermarket trans cooler and bigger trans lines get rid of the stock one and bypass the radiator and do the torque converter lock mod that trans will last 3 times longer
  4. JDWalkbehind

    JDWalkbehind Senior Member
    Messages: 274

    whats the torque converter mod?
  5. ERWbuilders

    ERWbuilders Senior Member
    Messages: 843

    the ecu locks the torque converter on a ground signal. usually light throttle driving the torque converter doesnt lock up until your in over drive so in 2nd and 3rd gear cruisin around at 25-35mph the TC isnt locked thus creating excess heat which destroys the trans. all the mod is, is a switch that is grounded on one side and the other goes to the purple with the yellow strip and splices in to it. im not sure on the wire color youll have to do a google search but when you flip the switch it grounds the solenoid in the trans thus locking the TC. this keeps the heat down and saves not only the trans but the weak TC too which is known to fail prematurely. Theres a ton of other mods for this trans that helps save it or will be a temp fix like a pressure boost mod by putting a resistor in another wire which boosts the pressure in the trans to makesure you are locked in gear and firm shifts limiting slipage during shifting. make sure you change the fluid every 15,000 miles in these transmissions too especially when plowing i change mine every 7-10k