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92 dodge D150 Trans question and Value

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by FiNaL, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. FiNaL

    FiNaL Junior Member
    from OHIO
    Messages: 14

    ok i got a 1992 D150 me and my girlfriend were on are way home when we came to the last stop sign before are house we stopped at it and then went to take off and after moving about a foot the truck just stopped moving and was rolling. it was likethe whole trans went out so we put it back in park and then in drive again with no luck so we pushed it off to the side of the road and checked the trans fluid and it was really low but the night before we checked it after the truck had heated up and it was fine and full. then the next day we came back to the truck and checked the fluid again when it was cold and it was fine but we went and got more trans fluid and came back and let the truck heat up and added more fluid and let it work in and we tried putting it in drive again but we had no luck again. and also when you go to put it in drive or any gear it doesn't reg or click or nothing its like you didn't even move the gear shift at all. and we were told that it mite not be the trans but a linkage rod? HAS any one delt with this type of problem? is there anything else it could be besides the trans or linkage rod?

    My other question is what could i get out of a 1992 dodge D150 long bed with around 136,000 miles on it? what would be the highest price someone would pay in the dayton,ohio area? i am new to trucks and everything so i need all the info i can get if its to hard to fix i was looking to sale it or part it out and get a Ram Charger with a snow plow. Any Help would be GREAT THANKS
  2. micah79

    micah79 Senior Member
    Messages: 303

    I have a Dodge w-250 1989 . We had a tranny band break while in reverse. The truck still drove forward but wouldn't move in reverse. If you truck engages but won't move, then it maybe a band. Mine is a 3 speed auto 727. My rebuild cost about $1200 with a heavy duty shift kit. It was the original trans. and the truck had over 250,000 miles and worked hard every day of its life. And the engine still sounds and runs like new. All I do is fill her up with #2 and Howes addative to keep it from gelling and smoking and drive her. I like the pre 1994 generations of Dodge trucks much better than the newer generations.