92 Bronco SUCCESS!!


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After 7 hours I got the EZ Mount on the Bronco! I plowed the hard packed driveway and it came out GREAT!!
The truck works BETTER than I had hoped!
One problem.... I was missing a cotter pin. I thought I had one in the basement. Went in and poured a coffee. Took a break. Then went back out to see how the truck worked (Yup I forgot the cotter pin). I was almost done when I noticed the plow looked strange.... The pass side pin had fallen out and the plow was hanging under the truck frame. :rolleyes: I had a HELL of a time getting the drivers side pin out. Once I did I noticed I bent the moldboard frame (where it mounts to the truck mount). Can I wack it with a 20lb sledge to straighten it out? It only needs to be bent back about 1/2 -3/4"
The red circle is the bent part (where the pin goes through)
Has anybody else done this before? Or am I the only one ....to admit it :)

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