92’ Slow to shift into 4WD


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I find that when I shift into 4WD it takes way to long before it finely engages. Sometimes several wheel rotations and in a deep mud or snow situation, I don’t want to dig a deeper hole than I am already in. I understand there is an aftermarket solenoid solution of some kind, anyone have any details or found other ways to fix the problem?




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There is a GM update to correct the problem with the "Thermal Linear Actuator", the Rube Goldberg creation they used to engage the front axle on those models. My son put it on his 97 and it engages right NOW! There is also at least one aftermarket kit that uses a manual control to accomplish the engagement.

John DiMartino

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I second what Alan said,i put the updated actuator on my 89,and it engages as fast as you pull the lever,it cost about 70 bucks with shop discount,and took about 20 minutes to put in,one wire has to be T-tapped at the harness that comes thru the floor by the T case.