9 ft kage springs?

Discussion in 'Kage Innovation Snow Plow Systems' started by pats plowing, Mar 16, 2017.

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    we have been running a 9ft kage for a few years on a 906h. This last storm was wet heavy snow i noticed the trip edge was tripping and staying tripped for hours. Nothing appeared to be caught up and after awhile the edge would trip back to nirmal position and work fine again. We have never had this issue before all spring are still in tact. Is this a sign for spring replacement ? When the edge was tripped i could not get it to spring back even using back and down pressure on the unit it doesnt appear bent in any way. Thank u
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    I have a few Kage's as well and the older ones are starting to trip a lot more. Be nice if someone from Kage chimed in on this!!!! I guess i'll have to phone them.
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    I have no knowledge...but when I see something like this happen and nothing is broken I look for wear, pin or slider wear would be my first go to.
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    You don't say...
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    For these plows that is... I know you too have a pretty deep resource in your upstairs file.

    What are your thoughts on this situation ?
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    Sorry for the delayed reply!
    It is likely that the telescoping tubes have corrosion build-up. The tolerance between the tubes is close, so over time dirt and / or corrosion can start to make them sticky. Spray lubricant up inside and activate the trip mechanism several times. Repeat until you get smooth action.
    It may be wise to disassemble your spring assemblies at the end of the year and clean the tubes out. We'll have Mike make a video of this soon!

    P.S. If you have a pre - 2014 model plow, you can tighten up the tension of your springs by turning the large nut at the bottom.

    Thank you for using KAGE!
  7. Kristin Stephan

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    Hello, here is a link to the promised video on spring maintenance!
    Let us know if you have any questions or ideas!