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9.5' V on a f250?

Discussion in 'Hiniker' started by blee1ash, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. blee1ash

    blee1ash Senior Member
    Messages: 107

    I have a '97 Ford F250 HD and I'm looking for a used V-plow. I have not found any 8.5 footers in acceptable condition, but have found 2 - 9.5'. The 9.5 foot weighs 950 lbs, 60lbs. more than the 8.5'.
    Do you think this would be too heavy for my truck? I'm shure the 8.5' would not be a problem and at only 60lbs difference I don't think the 9.5 would be too much, but I'm looking for other opinions.
    I currently have an 8' straight blade that weighs about 725lbs and the truck handles it with no problems. When I raise the current polw and stand on it, which would equal about the weight of the 9.5' V the truck only squats about another 1". I was just wondering if the bouncing while transporting down the road would be too much.
    I think I would also add timbrens to the front suspension if I decide to go with the 9.5' V.
    Any one got any opinions, or currently have a 9.5' V on a F250?

  2. W8N4snow

    W8N4snow Member
    Messages: 45

    Is the 97 F250 a gasser or a diesel? Check the front axle weight rating in the door jam, you may need to upgrade the springs with an additional leaf to help which would pay better dividends than the Timbrens. The F-series front leafs tended to need R&R on the diesels after awhile.
  3. blee1ash

    blee1ash Senior Member
    Messages: 107

    Its a 460 gas hog, crew cab short box. It only has 86,000mi so it is far form wore out.
  4. W8N4snow

    W8N4snow Member
    Messages: 45

    Not worried about being worn out, just that the front springs on plow prep equiped vehicles are picked for the vehicle based on engine, accessories, cab style, not sure if your truck has the plow prep, but having the front springs re-arced/reconditioned back to stock specs and adding a leaf would help. It didn't cost as much as you might think. My truck only had the 5.4 but still needed a re-arc. I added an extra spring and the total added about 2" which leveled the empty truck out nice. With the plow mounted, it rides great. 8' steel straight blade.
  5. blee1ash

    blee1ash Senior Member
    Messages: 107

    I bought the plow, they are installing it Fri.
    The truck has 2 leaf springs, and currently handles my 8' straight blade fine. I will probbably do someting with the front suspension, but I havent decided what yet. I'm concidering Timbrens, Air Lift air bag, Firestone Ride Rite air bag, or and add-a-leaf.
  6. D.Cole350V10

    D.Cole350V10 Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    You should also put some weight in the back of the truck. This should take care of some of te bounce on the truck.