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9 1/2 ss x v plow worth

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by nathanlacourse, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. nathanlacourse

    nathanlacourse Member
    Messages: 37

    put on this fall used 4 times
  2. kmwharley

    kmwharley Member
    Messages: 94

    I would give ya 2500 for it!!! It is probably about 4000-4500 ish maybe slightly more to the right buyer. Why you looking to sell, I have 2 8.5's and will be getting a 9.5 next year.
  3. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    To get the most money you need to find someone with the same truck as yours. That way they will not have to pay for any extras. I would think you need to knock 500-750 off the cash and carry price of a new one that way the guy would also save the tax so he might save somewhere around $1000.
  4. nathanlacourse

    nathanlacourse Member
    Messages: 37

    i want to get the 8611lp most of my plowing is commercal the v plow would be great for driveways but i have 810 blizzard on my other truck that will out plow the v on the big lots
  5. YardMedic

    YardMedic PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,266

    Not trying to bust on you or anyone else who changes plows as soon as they buy them, but don't people research & use these things a little before buying them? It seems like a pretty costly venture to buy one new and take a bath on it (because you'll never get the full value of an essentially brand new plow).
  6. nathanlacourse

    nathanlacourse Member
    Messages: 37

    tried it like the speed of the plow and the v for driveways but for the big lots the 8611 will save me time, make more money in the long run and it scrapes better
  7. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    I just sold my x-blade today and will be putting on an x-v on Mon. Not sure what size yet but I wish I had seen this post earlier.
  8. itsgottobegreen

    itsgottobegreen PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,351

    Just get yourself the wing kit fisher makes for it. It will make the plow go from 9.5' to 10.5 and give you more carrying capacity in the scoop mode.
  9. JD Dave

    JD Dave PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,194

    Now there's a good idea!!
  10. nathanlacourse

    nathanlacourse Member
    Messages: 37

    I think ill try the wings first
  11. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    Just got my 9.5 ft x-v put on today. We had 5 inches then rain. So far I think the plow and length was a good choice. I like the fact that when taking a corner my wheels don't always go though the snow bank.
    the weight is more than I'm used to but the Hydro is really fast even in comparison to the x-blade. When folded in v position it travels well and does not seem too wide for street travel. Did my 1.5 acre property and it definitely saved me time. So far so good. I bought wear curb shoes for it and they helped with curbing on my commercials.
  12. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    Nathan, my decision to go with the longer blade stemed around the fact that apparently the wings are not available now or in the immed. future. I was thinking 8.5 w/ wings. Try and call around anyway but unless someone has stock, which no one does around me, then wings may not be an option for a month or so.