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89 Blazer - Hazzard Lights Blowing Fuse

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by Los Lobos, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Los Lobos

    Los Lobos Junior Member
    from Spain
    Messages: 1

    Hi there,

    My '89 Blazer 4x4 is a 350 4 speed auto with TBI. It has spent most of its life in the UK and thus has been the victim of much butchering to the lighting system and therefore has many gremlins. When I purchased the truck it came with a 30 amp fuse in the Hazzard/Stop circuit instead of the recommended 15 amp. I cannot trace the cause of the problem, which is intermitent and almost seems to depend upon giggling the wires and connectors around under the base of the steering column (which is a tilt). The Hazzard switch is on the column just below the ignition where you would expect the steering lock release to be and doesn't seem to match the one in the factory repair manual I have, although it is definitely standard. Unfortunately the manual doesn't include wiring diagrams. Even if it did I'm a bit of a dunce with electrics so any help would be appreciated greatly! The Chevy and I now live in Spain where there is next to no possibility of technical assistance and I have to get it through the official mechanical inspection before the new year - this is the last hurdle (I hope!)

    Many thanks! :drinkup: