'89-'90 ish era fisher plow


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Hi everybody<br>I recently aquired an '88 toyota 4x4 that the previous owner used for residential plowing . The plow came with the truck and i wan't about to complain, but as we get into the winter season here i am realizing that i have really zero free time to even learn how to use a snowplow, let alone try to start any type of business operation with it. So i'm thinking of selling it and i have an interested buyer, but i have NO IDEA what something like this should be worth.<br>I believe that it is an 89 or 90 plow - fischer hydrolic style. if someone could just give me an idea of the price range i should be asking that would be really great. also what type of charge should i expect to have a mechanic transfer the truck mounted portions of the system from one vehicle to another? <p>Thanks a bunch.<br>


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Call a fisher distributor ask him how<br>much a new one was back in whatever year<br>you have. That will tell you the cost new.<br>Look at yours what condition is it in.<br>How much do new ones now cost?<br>As in all things you always try to start<br>out high - you can always come down but not<br>go up on price. As the distributor how<br>much they want to do a trasfer - it will<br>cost some $$$$. Nothing cheap nowadays.<br>bill


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If it mounts on a Toyota, your market is limited. It would probably bring $500-800 around here, depending on size and condition.

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