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88 K2500


Junior Member
Wow, this is a great sight. More info than I would ever have expected. Ok, I have an 88 k2500 which I recently bought. Here are some questions that I was hoping you guys might be able to help out with. Keep in mind this is a very basic model 2500 with 5.7 350 and a 4 speed trans.
1. Heater is weak at best (new 190 t-stat and coolant flush)Temp reading is solid on 190.
2. Recently it became hard to shift into rev, 2nd and 3rd. Has gotten better over time. Still makes a popping sound when shifting out of 2nd sometimes (same sound it used to make when shifting out of reverse)
3. Seems way underpowered in second gear, lots of power from the start and is fine in 3rd but right in the the transition from 1st to 2nd it seems to loose it. (fuel filter?/timing?)
4. Hesitation when first accelerating when the engine is cold. ???
5. And lastly, Running hot with 8 foot plow at about 35 mph. (new T-stat, but my fan is a three blade clutch, could this be the problem?) I didn't want to change things too much because my heater sucks already.
I know its a lot of info, but I would really love some advice. Thanks in advance


PlowSite.com Addict
First off, welcome to Plowsite and I'll address question # 4 first: Why are you accelerating with a cold engine in the first place? Let it warm up! Working a cold engine hard is not good for it, IMO.

OK, #1 - heater. If the temp is reading normal, perhaps the heater core is in need of replacement. Or, is the problem with the fan? If the heater fan isn't working properly the heat will be there but not able to get to you. Contractor I plow for had this problem with his '97 Chev about a month ago, I ran a new ground wire to the fan for him. Another possibility is a door not working properly in the ductwork.

#2 - I don't really have an answer there, is the problem there all the time or intermittently? If the clutch isn't disengaging fully the transmission may tend to "hang on" when shifting out of a gear.

#3 - Is this the "grunt low" 4-speed where 1'st is really a "creeper gear", or a regular 4-speed? The fuel filter/timing you mention may be possible suspects.

#5 - First thing to try is altering the plow height/angle while carrying it, so it isn't blocking as much of the airflow to the rad.

Now, you mention that you recently bought the truck. Do you know the history of it, particularly the maintenance? If that has been neglected it may be time for a tune-up, cooling system flush etc.

Hopefully this info can be of some help -


PlowSite.com Veteran
i have an 85,86,89,97 and an 02 and the only one that runs hot is the 89....with the plow on...........I put the plow as low as possible and keep an eye on the gauge

Big Todd

Senior Member

I take it this is a manual trans... The hard shifting problems very well could be clutch related. It should be a hydraulic clutch system so check to see that the fluid (same thing as brake fluid) is full. Otherwise, the (clutch) master cylinder and slave cylinder may need replacing.

If you just did a cooling system flush, it is real easy to get an air pocket in the system. When your truck is cold, take the radiator cap off and start the truck. Let it run until it reaches normal operating temerature. Then top off the radiator fluid as needed and put the cap back on while the engine is still running. Try that first, if it is no better then I'd start looking at the heater core or the blend door etc.

as far as the engine running hot, see the Thread called "Engine runs hot", it should be close to this one in the discussion. Read the advise I told that guy.

Hope this is of some help to you, Let us know how it works out.