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The truck is an 88 3500 4x4 diesel. The problem is the front end needs raised a little. How do you go about cranking the torsion bars up? I have never done this before, so treat me like an idiot while explaining. Or, in the true sense of idiots everywhere, tell me if I am better off having someone else do it.

As far as my mechanical abilities- I am pretty good, was a mech in the service, and I have done frame-off's on a bunch of trucks and cars. I just never have dealt with torsion bars before, so I have little understanding of them. I rebuild alot of wrecked vehicles for resale, but I have always shyed away from the 88-up GM trucks with damage to the front suspension.

The truck sits low in the front, more than I think it should. I have a Western old-style plow mount, and never had it hit anything with the plow off. But, when the plow is on, the mount is only 6 or 7 inches from the pavement. At the apartments I manage, I like to back-drag the sidewalks (which sit as high as the curb). With my 87 Chevy, I can do this, but with this truck (the 88) the plow mount scrapes the sidewalk. Please tell me what to do.


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It si very easy to do.Jack the front end up so that the weight is off the suspension. Next go under the truck, and follow the torsion bar to the very back end of it. Next to the torsion bar should be a bolt that when turned moves a cam that is connected to the torsion bar. Just turn that bolt until the desired height is achieved. Do not bottom the bolt out tho, leave at least a 1/4" of thread between the bolt head and crossmember.
Lower the truck and measure the height over each front wheel well, final adjust to level that measurement out.
Test drive, if front end wanders at all,get an alignment.

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