'88 Ford F350 Loses power

88 F350 w/460 FI New engine <10K Interesting problem. When its cold the thing will pull a house down. Once its warm it runs rough, like its drowning itself. The more load, the worse it is. O2 sensor 1 year old, no arcs from the plug wires. Got any ideas? Any other ?'s that could help go ahead and ask.



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sounds like a clogged cayalytic converter.You could hook up a vacuum guage on the engine and see if the vacuum gets very low when problem is happening.if it does remove the o2 sensor and try it,just that hole will allow the exhaust to escape enough to see a difference.


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I would check for a vaccum leak. Are you getting a check engine
light ?

I have a 88 5.8 FI that did the same thing , I solved the problem
but it might not be the correct way.
Try this, disconnect the wires to the egr control solenoid.
Run the truck, see if this helps.
I think you are going lean when it warms up.

Also check out this link lots of info here.


Let me know if this works.


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PLowed with this pig on Sunday morning and had had it. I could hear ticking but couldn't see it. So I pushed up to a post, left it in gear (A/T) and popped the hood. Found two plug wire boots arcing.:eek: Replaced wires, cap, rotor , and plugs in the morning. WOW, what a diiference a properly working ignition makes:rolleyes: Thanks for all your help and bwamx thanks for the website.


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