88 ford F-250 what are my sander options??

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    I have an 88 ford f-250 w/ a 7.5' fisher. What are my options as far as puting a sander on it. I don't mind upgrading the suspension if thats what needs to be done. I have seen a few sanders around (airflo, raven, diamond etc) Anyone have any luck with a pickup/sander combo. The truck has an 8' bed/3spd auto/351/ 110k miles. I just spent a small fortune on it and it would make me sick to have to trade up to a 350/450 after spending all that $$. thanks to the veterans of this forum. I have learned so much from this website!!!
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    look at the fishers, have a fisher tailgate and i love it
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    I have an 88 F-250 that I just set up with a Fisher Pro Flow 2 (tail gate spreader) and works great. I can use bulk in it or leave a pallet in the back (I use that for ballast anyway). I did just add 2 leaf springs to each side to handle the load better. I've seen plenty of these trucks with V-boxes too, so that must be an option too.
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    Look at the smith harder electric all stainless v box. It is only 650 lbs and very reliable, with no engine to worry about. You will need to upgrade the alternator tho.
    It is a 1.5 yd capacity, but that doesnt mean you have to heap it. that spreader with 1 yd in it, will be ok for that truck.

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    Do you know a ball park price on that unit? I love the looks of them, but I assume the price is much higher than a gas model?
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    I payed 3500.00 with tax 2 years ago, and I almost bought another one this year as well, for the same price. I have spoken with others, and the prices on that unit seem to be between 3100-3600.00. About = to a gas /mils steel combo.
    A gas stainless unit usually runs about 4000-4500 depending on engine brand.
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    That electric sounds pretty neat.Don't have to worry about running out of gas!!!
    Electric to me,doesn't seem like it would have enough butt.
    Learn something new every day.
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    Its a very nice unit, and works great. They also offer hydro and gas options as well, but the electric does just fine. The motor is a 28 amp unit, but thats at start up, one running amps drop off.