87 Dodge w/ 7' Sno-Way, Price???

Scott Campbell

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Fellas I was wanting an opinion on a reasonable asking price for a 87 Ram 150. It has a 318, is of course 4x4, 146K mileage and some rust on the doors (off the mirrors). Has brand new tires, put on two seasons ago, and has the 2 yr old Sno-Way (25 series, I think).

It was my Dad's truck, and my problem is that he passed away this past summer, and I can't help looking at this truck without sentimental eyes. If I could keep it I would, but we discussed it before he passed, and he wanted me to sell it. We were going to put the money into the business for the summer equipment.

I know it can be a great truck for someone. It always did Dad a great job.

Look forward to hearing back........


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87 Dodge w/ plow

Why do you have to sell it? Think about it, for the small amount of money you will get for it will it ever replace your father's memory? You would be far better off emotionally and financially to restore it, slowly and deliberately over a period of time and keep it as an heirloom. You can't put a price on good memories, and I am sure over the years you and he had many nights out opening driveways, lots, drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, eating cold sandwiches, bringing home groceries, Christmas trees, lumber and everything else you two used that truck for. Can you give that up for $2-3,000? I couldn't, and I wouldn't. Keep it, and some day your children will have it passed on from you.
I don't know about the heirloom factor, but for $3000, I'd like to keep it around just as a spare if I were you......that way, if you want to expand your snow plowing services, or just have a back-up truck......you can. If your primary vehicle goes down in a storm, you'll be glad you have it.

Sorry, I have no idea how much to tell you it's worth.


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Like they say, the cheapest vehicle to own is the one you already have. Not to mention sentimental value. Good luck.

Ben W

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Scott keep your dads truck. I just bought a 1990 dodge 3/4
ton 4x4 less 98k miles for $2500.00. No plow with it but I will put one on it. Keep it you will be happy in the long run.

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