87 chevy that sags on driver side


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i really need some help on this. i have an 87 chevy 4wd and it sags on the drivers side. when it was stock i thought it was just the springs. then i installed a 2'' spring lift all the way around and it still sags. im guessing it might be the frame. but ive seen quite a few chevys similar to mine that sag the exact same way. i was wondering if this is a prpblem that has a fix of some sort. thanks


does the frame sit straight? Is it kinked one way or the other? If not you might want to check the cab mounts one could be gone on the drivers side or the mount might be rusted out.


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Dany's pretty much got the bases covered - when you added the 2" spring lift, were these all new springs that went in?

I'd be inclined to check the rubber cab cushions and your cab mounts - most likely there's at least some rust down there on a truck that old. Since these trucks often have only the driver in them, it's likely the mounts on that side are just more "tired" than the passenger side ones.

Good thing is that any parts you need to fix this area are readily available. If it turns out to be the cushions that are the problem, replace the whole set while you're at it.

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