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    Local steel shop making cutting edges for my plow this time. They are wanting to use work hardened steel. I don't know if this is the best steel to use. Any thoughts?
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    The term work hardened is a very loose term with no real spec
    Using a AR or a T1 steel will give better results, the AR is surfaced hardened but T1 is hardened all the way threw. It's more brittle but has very long wear. The price point on each Will help you decide
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    So why are you asking for price quotes from Jerre and me?
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    Probably to see if it's cost prohibitive or not to have a steel shop make them. That and if the cost is close, he'll probably buy the "name brand" blades from a dealer.
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    I use mild steel on my 8.6 pro plus Cost for a 8''x5/8'' is $110 Then I double it up on the ends To help slow wear down and that's another $15 So total is 125 + my free labor to drill the holes
    I make all my truck and skid plow edges
    Most years they last me 2 winters and last winter wasn't normal My V didn't but the rest of plows should make it thought this winter if not I have new ones made up
    And for the people that's going tell me mild steel wont last long Well all I can say around here there more guys running it The key to run it is to double it up on the ends
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    I talked to a blizzard dealer closer to me in Missouri and the price he quoted for the factory edges was ridiculous to say the least. The local steel shop hasn't given me a quote on work hardened edge yet. But I was asking for quote to compare. I am not a rich man by any means but I am not trying to piss away what I have. Just doing my best to find a livable price.
  7. bliz&hinikerDLR

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    Per your request on my profile board:

    B61625 5/8" 8611PP Steel Cutting Edge w/hardware - $257.

    Your Choice:
    B51114 3/4" 8611PP Wing Edge Kit w/hardware - $350
    B51104 3/8" 8611PP Wing Edge Kit w/hardware - $350

    Shipping to 65270 per each complete cutting edge set (1 Main Kit & 1 Wing Kit) - $95
  8. bliz&hinikerDLR

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    Typo ... The correct part number is B51103.
  9. OP

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    Thank you. I take it the 3/4" edge is a poly?
  10. bliz&hinikerDLR

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    No, all edges are OEM steel.
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    I Could only WISH that these were the actual prices here in Western Canada !!! …. You could almost DOUBLE that here from any dealer …… They Really Gouge the Crap outta us up here …… And the so called Dealer supplier in Ontario (and they know WHO they are) …. are also NO Great Help to us out West ….you almost get the feeling that you are bothering them …..

    As a Result of their Arrogance, We Too are going to have them custom Made …
    Only I will be Having my new cutting edges made out of "HARDOX 550" …. I currently am using this grade for my Rotary Blades of my Mulcher … "There Is Nothing like it for Durability and Wear Resistance" ….. I have tried ALL the AR steels and T-1, T-3, …. all junk in comparison !!!

    The only issue being that it takes a Specialty Machine Shop to be able to take it from Raw form to Finished state ….. In the case of our cutting Edges I found a Place that can cut the bolt Holes by means of "Water Blasting" …. very reasonably priced procedure …. after these are made I will be having 2 complete sets made as there is a portion of the Cost to set-up and program the CNC machine ……

    Again with out disrespect to you bliz&hinikerDLR …. I only Wish We Had A Dealer even half as Good as you !!! ….. cheers …GK
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    forget about making a cutting edge, you cant get anything with a high enough carbon content to make it worth your while, the cutting and drilling charges, in the long run its way cheaper to purchase the proper cutting edge from a manufacturer, I see you are from central bc , so am I, you want a cutting edge then phone up MORFCO here in Kamloops, they will get a edge made up just the way you want, 1/2" 5/8" higher carbon, what ever , the holes in the blade are a standard measurement , pick the size of the holes , type of recess on the blade for bolt holes, for less than what you can get a edge made for, I used to work in a welding shop and wouldn't even consider trying to make an AR type edge, they wont last no time and the cost is ridiculous, for everybody else, if you have a mining operation remotely close to your town , then there are people supplying cutting edges and wear bars , and those people will make you what ever you want
  13. BladeBlowBucket

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    "Been THERE … Done THAT !!! " …… I have been dealing with Jason @ Morfco …. There is no pre-made Cutting edge for a Blizzard Blade (other than OEM) …. the Bolting Pattern IS NOT a standard profile either ….. as far as your comment regarding "enough Carbon Content" …. well then you've Never seen Hardox ! …

    As far as cutting charges and drilling … also not a problem …the supplier I deal with on Anisis Island can cut anything with their CNC cutting table, and the holes aren't drilled, they will be "HP Water Blasted" … in Port Kells …. after all of the steps it'll be about Half the cost of the OEM Here in BC ….. PM me if you want more detail ??? ……. JMHO
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    OK !
    ……. Finally had to do something about the Cutting edges ….. had the OEM edges wore down to almost touching the Paint on the bottom of the Main Blades Box frame …. Our Last 4 day event took off better than a 1/2" off of the wear edges ...
    I found a partial sheet of 1/2" Hardox 500 ….. we ripped a strip off 8' long X 7" wide, and a couple of 2' X 8" pieces for the wings ….
    I simply welded the New Hardox pieces over top of the OEM cutting edges, just below the Plow Bolts … And built New Larger, Taller outer wear Edges on the wings, out of some 3/4" Hardox 550 I had

    Question ? : The wings (according to the parts list in the Owners Manual) … Are made of 1/2" X 12-1/2" … T-1 …. I know that T-1 has a Brunel Hardness of 100 …. The main cutting edge has an edge called "1080" …. "WTH" is that ??? ….. Is that one notch better than Mild Steel ??? …. because it sure is soft, according to the grinding sparks when cleaning up the burrs off of the edge ….

    I am looking forward to seeing how well this repair will hold up until I can get down to my Supplier and have the custom Edges made of the Hardox 550 and thicker material …… "WHY" Blizzard went with a D.A. bolting Pattern is beyond ME ???? …. Will keep you guys posted how well the Repair holds Up …. Cheers …. GK
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    Hello, would like to hear a follow up on how well this setup worked/ Pics on Youtube would be helpful as well / Thx
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    FWIW, he hasn't checked in for 3.5 years...maybe he has his notifications set and will respond...you never know.
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    Has anyone ever told you you're a stick in the mud?
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