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8611 A frame/ Lack of

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by Dieselgeek, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Dieselgeek

    Dieselgeek Senior Member
    Messages: 161

    Hey all,

    Ordered an A frame for an 8611 on the 17th of December. Called today, and it was shipped from Maine yesterday. I was told Blizzard had to build an a frame to ship to me. Now I'm not involved in the parts/manufacturing world, but this is completely unacceptable IMO. How does a company not have a main component for a plow in their warehouse? I know Christmas screwed up work/shipping, but I'm still amazed at the fact that a snowplow company doesn't stock a part needed during the SNOW season. Anyways, curious if anyone else has run into this issue with Blizzard before.
  2. JohnnyU

    JohnnyU 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,040

    It's a Douglas Dynamics issue. Matt (hlntoiz) had similar issues last year or the year before.
  3. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    Should have asked first........my buddie has one on the shelf ;)
  4. bliz&hinikerDLR

    bliz&hinikerDLR Senior Member
    Messages: 553

    As a dealer I can tell you that the time frame you are talking about is not uncommon. The standard backorder time for DD is three days. DD is very good about meeting that timeline. I am not sure if this A-frame would have needed to be built or not. But it would most likely be a B/O out of Milwaukee. Here is why it is taking so long:
    You ordered the part on the 17th. Lets assume that your dealer is not a sub-dealer and they placed the order the following day. That is the 18th. Standard B/O is three days ... 19, 20, 21 and now you are into the holiday weekend ... 22, 23, 24, 25. The 26th, yesterday, is the first business day after the 3 day B/O period.
    Is this an acceptable timeline? Maybe not, depending upon how you use your plow and upon weather conditions. This is when a good dealer will really help. Example: If the conditions have required it, I have taken parts off new inventory to fill parts orders.
    In this case the timing of the order is what really amplified the effects of the backorder. But why is there a backorder?
    I think this stems from DD operating out of such a small facility and Blizzard being the smallest product line. I believe that the current Milwaukee location originally served only the Western brand. The Rockland, Maine facility originally served only the Fisher brand. When DD was "strong-armed" into buying the Blizzard brand in 2005 they had to quickly find a facility for the brand ... Johnson City, TN. With engineering and tech in Milwaukee & Rockland, DD did not have good control of Johnson City and it showed in the product. In 2010 the DD purchased a small additional facility in Milwaukee and the Johnson City facility was closed. Production was divided between Milwaukee and Rockland. To the best of my knowledge, Milwaukee now produces all the PH2 power units & black iron. Rockland produces the moldboards, truck mounts & PH1 components. IMO THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SPACE IN TO KEEP ALL THE BLIZZARD SERVICE PARTS! That is why parts may be produced to order or need to be transferred from one facility to another. Hopefully DD will be able to expand in the future and keep more service parts readily available.

    Sorry if this was a long boring answer but hopefully you at least know why you are waiting.
  5. Dieselgeek

    Dieselgeek Senior Member
    Messages: 161

    Maybe it is more of a dealer issue, than a manufacture issue. I just think it is completely unacceptable to have a plow down for 10 days now waiting for a part. It might arrive tomorrow, or it may be next week yet. Have an 810 on the truck now (way too small), so at least it's something. I just find it unacceptable that during the few months a year the piece of equipment is used, I can't get parts for it in a timely manner.
  6. purpleranger519

    purpleranger519 Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 536

    I don't think 10 days is really an outrageous time frame when you consider Christmas was in there. Lots of places I know of shut down for the entire week. I'd be glad your getting it in that length of time, from Blizzard if it was me. But like bliz&hinikerDLR, I'm pretty sure my dealer would have swapped the part from his inventory if the snow was falling.
  7. maelawncare

    maelawncare Senior Member
    Messages: 871

    My mowing dealer does that for me all the time. Closet blizzard dealer I have is 100 miles away. So I order all my stuff through jerre. Once you found out it was backordered I would of started calling dealers to see if any where in stock. Who cares if it comes from the other side of the country. $100 in shipping and its there in a few days.
  8. dfd9

    dfd9 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,475

    Maybe your definition of backorder is different than mine.

    A backorder is something that is out of stock because they sold all their stock--heavy usage which isn't the case this season--or they don't give a crap because they are about the almighty dollar and not servicing their customers.

    As the OP stated, these should be sitting on a shelf someplace waiting to go. It's winter. 8611 A-frames haven't changed much or at all since production started over 10 years ago.

    I'm also curious about this statement. What exactly do you mean by "strong-armed"?

    If you mean "strong-armed" because they were getting their collective butts handed to them by Blizzard, then I agree.
  9. Dieselgeek

    Dieselgeek Senior Member
    Messages: 161

    Maybe my expectations are different, as I am use to dealing with large Ag dealers, but if you told me I wouldn't get a part for a JD combine for over 2 weeks, I'd be laughing on the floor. It is just baffling to me that a Manufacture has to MAKE a part for something that hasn't changed since they started producing them X years ago. I can only think of one time I needed a part for something on the farm that took longer than 2 days. I know it isn't an apples to apples comparison, but still something that needs to be looked at for DD.
  10. dfd9

    dfd9 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,475

    No, your expectations are realistic.

    DD is about keeping the stockholders happy, not the plowers. If that means not having squat for parts on the shelf, too bad for us.
  11. Dieselgeek

    Dieselgeek Senior Member
    Messages: 161

    Still waiting on an A frame...