860 Speedwing or 810pp

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    I own a 2004 Chevy 2500HD and looking for a new plow for next year should i go with the 860SW or the 810pp. This year Im doing a few residentials a few storage units and a few rental properties any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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    I would go with the 810 power plow the speedwing is a poor mans power plow if you can afford the cost of a power plow you wont be sorry. the speedwing is great i have one but the power plow would be better.

    just my .02
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    do you know how much they run?
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    I believe the 810 power plow is going for about $4,500-$5,000 its not to bad about the same cost as a fisher 8' HD plow (thats what my dealer quoted me when i was looking at new f 250 $4,000) I'm not sure what the exact cost is right now and it depends on where you are located. My dealer is one of the largest blizzard dealers around so they can cut prices.

    I paid $3,850 for my speedwing installed.

    prices vary widely on where you are and your dealer shop around and find the best price
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    The Speed Wing is a very good compromise. It gives the added speed of plowing with wings with the simplicity of a straight blade (speaking hydraulically). I chose the 860 Speed Wing (3/4 HD GMC) for this reason and I am very satisfied with the performance. You can pin the wings back and this gives you 9'9" width... only 3" shorter than an 810 in widepass position. Hope this is helpful.
  6. magnatrac

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    I have owned both and for $300 lessI wouldn't say the SW is a poor mans plow. I actually like to think of it as a smart mans plow. My 810 was a good plow but it did have it's problems. If the 860sw would have been available in 03 I would have taken a close look at it. I am on my second year with the sw and love it. It does 95% of what the 810 will do. For my applications alot of windrowing( plowing streets and parking lots) and moving snow in a condo complex the 810 offers no real advantage. Again this is just my from personal experiance. The benefit the 810 has is you can make a wide straight blade w/o getting out of the truck. I only use a wide pass to backdrag drive in the condos I plow. With my sw. I have to get out and pin the wings back, but this is good for me. When I would try and backdrag anything more than fluffy snow with my 810 the wings would just fold back. That kind of defeats the purpose of a wide plow. I ended up breaking/ replacing slide box springs every year( just my luck!!!). Both plows are great and a big time saver. I just like the fact that there are fewer parts on the sw. but it still has the time saving benefits. Just my $.02, Good Luck !!!
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    You need to double your wing return springs. This is one, ok, maybe the only advantage of the old 2 cylinder design of the older 810s, 99-2002.