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8'6" or 9'6" Xtreme V on 2500HD

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DeereGuy, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    I need to cut some time off my Comm. Lots and am thinking of selling my 04 SS X-Blade and purchasing a longer Fisher V for it's pushing capabilities, New Lamps etc. . According to Fisher I can install the 9'6'' V on my Truck. I just ordered Timbrens regardless as to my next move. I've been looking at wings since I owned it and the lighting well...

    Today, the same dealer that talked me out of the EZ-Vee in 2004 raved about the Xtreme V. Better layout engineering, 50% faster acting cyl. and relatively same strength as my current X-blade. No rubber center. And Ya, he is a salesman.

    Things I am concerned about. 9'+ length driving from lot to lot on public roads. Yes it does fold up to 8'8"in v mode. It's gonna be a hassle to park at my townhouse. Will the tips be dragging in this mode on my Chevy. Full angle is 8'5" and 8'1" in scoop mode. I also still do some residential work. Is 9'6" still practical. I know that I won't get between parked cars like some do but I refused with the 8' blade most of the time anyway. It would seem an advantage on tight corners where I used to run over the snow banks($&*# Chevy turning radius).

    There must be a ton more torque working on the outside edge... probably not ideal. Chevy is my only ride. I especially want to hear from those of you who have the longer blade and what negative effects you realize. The pros are obvious. I just don't want to invest in something that will hinder when I could get by with the 8'6" Xtreme. The 8'6" model is not that big of a change though. I'm not sure it's worth the hassle of trying to sell my X-blade. Except for the lighting, I have been happy with the quality of the X-Blade.

    Boss guys, gimme a break huh. I'm probably not buying one.
  2. Joe D

    Joe D Senior Member
    Messages: 605

    I would go with the bigger plow. I run my Blizzard fully extended sometimes running between lots or drives and you just need to watch out more. You would get used to a 12' after using it enough so just go bigger if you can use it.
  3. bbrsq

    bbrsq Member
    Messages: 56

    8-6 versus the 9-6

    I run both a 9-6 and the 8-6 Western MVP. I use my 9-6 on resdiential drives with no probelms. I also have been able to use it inbetween parked cars. Scoop or V it. You can push it or backdrag.
    Driving down the road is no concern, I drive with mine in the straight position with no problems. The only thing you do have to watch, and I have found this to be true with the Boss V as well is that you may catch the bottom corners if you have it in the position. This is not a common occurrence. I had a couple of sloped entrances that we had to watch.
    The new Western MVP Plus I believe is the same blade as the one you are talking about. Lot of good features and new design innovations. My MVP's are last yrs design, but seem to be just as fast as the new. You will be happy with either size.
    I would check on what size you can mount. I have a friend that has an 04 Chevy 2500 with the Duramax. He has been told the biggest he can mount is a 7-6 straight blade. Apparently the front end cannot handle the weight of the diesel and a big plow.

    Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps
  4. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    Thanks Joe, ever have any trouble with law enforcement and long blades. I think there is a restriction. 'Just not sure what it is. Seacoast NH is Policed pretty hard although I've never had any trouble. Although when I moved here 6 years ago, I was stopped 3 times for no good reason. I was driving a beater 87 Toy truck then however.

    bbrsq, Well, it is probably what you get used to. I've never run a V but a friend swears by his 8'6" ez-v. I'd hate to hit somthing hard with the full v scoop however. I'm guessing that the trip can't work that well at that geometry. According the the Fisher Website and the dealer I can mount the 9'6", 1031lb Xtreme-V unit on my Gas, Chevy Shortbed xtra cab config. . Of course the reason for this thread is that just 'cause I can doesn't mean I should. Appreciate your opinions; I could be talked into the change. The benefits of the V are many. I'd like to ask if the scoop position stacks well. I would think it would drive into the pile instead of up, especially at the weight we're talking about. Of course I have no experience with one.

    I personally would never go with anything less than an 8' on a 3/4 ton, diesel or not.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2006
  5. Adair350

    Adair350 Member
    Messages: 34

    I just bought the 8'6" SS XtremeV to replace a 8' 6" EZ-V, To answer a few of your questions, Yes the scoop stacks snow very very well (like a loader almost) and the beauty of the trip edge is that it trips in any position v, scoop, etc, It will save you much time on drives and lots. I went from an 8' HD to the EZ-V and absolutely loved it. Also if you buy an 8' 6" X-V you can put the wings on it to get 9' 6" out of it that way if it is to wide/not enough you can attach/detach to accommodate.

    Hope this helps:waving:
  6. GTMS

    GTMS Senior Member
    Messages: 101

    My salesman talked me out of the xtreme v and into the ez v he said the hydro is just as fast no difference in pumps and I got mine with the new lights, 8'6 is just fine for me. I put timbrens on mine and had my dealer remove the blade rizer stops when he installed it to allow the blade to carry higher. No more corner dragging for this ol boy and higher stacking.
  7. bbrsq

    bbrsq Member
    Messages: 56


    You can pack piles high with the scoop. You just need to remember as you drive into the pile you need to raise the blade up. The other nice thing with the V is if your piles start to ice up and freeze, put the plow into the V position and you can break them up to move the snow. I will never go back to a straight blade unless it is a 10' or bigger. The trip edge on the MVPs are as you know trip just the cutting edge. On the Boss it is the whole plow that trips. Much harder on the truck and plow. Haven't had any problems with it when it trips.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Good Luck:)
  8. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    9'6" sounds like the way to go

    I think the opinions expressed point out that width is a definite want for most folks doing lots. The V is a time saver when chasing piles. I have to bring the snow down to one end of the lot on my largest acct. Thats about 150 yards. I also have to plow a ROW around an indoor Soccer arena with not much room and the V position would really be a plus in large storms. I definitely want to stay with a trip edge.

    As far as putting wings on the 8' 6" blade, I think I might as well get the longer blade and save the $400.- $500. the wings would cost. The point being that the 8'6" could be expanded if really needed after the fact.

    Adair350, you are in the enviable position to answer the question as to how the Xtreme compares to the ez-v in practical operation. I realize that you just got it but what about the speed and the controller. Is the controller improved or the same. Is the 50% faster Hydraulics claim true or sales hype. I alway thought my X-blade was pretty fast. Did your EZ-V have 3/8" cutting edges or 1/2". I like the 1/2" on my X they wear well. Only the longer Xtreme comes with 1/2". Stacking sounds great.
  9. bltp203

    bltp203 Senior Member
    Messages: 484

    DeerGuy to give you an idea of maximum overwidth, here in Michigan the maximum width is either 96" or 102" depending on the type of road you are on. If I am not mistaken, the only plow that will be over 102" when angled (or in a V) is a 10 footer. Even then all you need to do is get an overwidth permit from the County........I used to live in the Lebanon, NH area and from what I saw, law enforcement pretty much left the plow guys alone.
  10. Big Dog D

    Big Dog D PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,134

    Sounds like a lot of weight for the front end of that truck just for the reason of being able to say that you have something that is big that you by admission don't really need.
  11. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    Well Big Dog, I s'pose I could do my lots with a Tacoma and a 6 1/2 footer. I just choose not to. I am looking to be more efficient with the lots I have in an effort to have enough time to do all my residentials and perhaps add more. I am trying to maximize income as most are in this business while upgrading my lights which are poor by most standards. What's wrong with that. I have no idea where your coming from.

    It has absolutly nothing to do with saying anything. You seem to run a lot of 9 foot units and you prominently display your fleet for your tag line using more space than half your responses. Am I to assume it's all for the sake of what...Vanity. Gimme a break.

    As far as the weight, I'll have counter weight and fisher says it's ok. It is probably lighter on the front end than having a diesel and an 8' Fisher. I'm not saying it's a good thing.
  12. NoFearDeere

    NoFearDeere PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,724

    I would say go with whatever your gut tells you and your checkbook can afford....Personally, I say the 8'6" V
  13. Big Dog D

    Big Dog D PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,134

    All of my 9 fts are hung on dual wheel one tons or bigger and I even resisted the temptation to hang one on my F-350 SRW p/up. Trying to be efficeint is fine, but doing it at the expense of the front end of your truck and possibly the safety of others is entirely different. There is a reason you don't see many, if any, plows of that size on a 3/4 ton truck. If they worked well or were a good set-up everybody would be using them.

    My answer was by no means inflammatory or derogatory toward you or your post. I don't know what is up your glutious maximus (sp?) but there is no need for that type of reply.

    If you can't handle the answers to the questions that YOU ask online..........Stay off of the internet!!!!!!!!!!
  14. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    Big Dog, your comment ("just for the reason of being able to say that you have something that is big") goes to personal...a character statement and you don't know me from squat. Every other opinion on this thread is an objective opinion which I really appreciate; whatever their take. It is what it is.

    Still, I should have let it go. Perhaps this wasn't your intention. Either way, I've never had a conflict on this board and I don't send nasty pm's. It is spelled "B-u-t-t".

    I do appreciate your latest, on target, reponses as to why a long blade w/ said weight might not be a good purchase. I do see a lot of 9' X-Blades up here on trucks like mine. Perhaps density is less so it's not such a big deal. We don't get the $ that you guys do in MA from what I understand and that probably takes a role as well.

    I wish you and all the guys on plowsite a great Thanksgiving.

    Messages: 110

    I just bought a Extreme V 9' 6 foot. It's on a 2005 2500HD with the duramax. I played around last week with it when we had a couple inches. The truck handled it fine. I have timbrens in the front and only had 800 lbs in the rear. NICE plow! If you can afford it, Bigger is always better......:D
  16. DeereGuy

    DeereGuy Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    Procuts, Wow and I was worried about weight. How much does the Duramax add to the front end? I just put timbens on the front a couple days ago. I haven't had my plow on since but they don't seem to add much. One went on easy and one a little hard. I couldn't understand why that was.

    Anyway, thanks for adding your truck to the "for" list. I just figured if most guys add wings and I was looking at them myself, what's the difference; I'll just go bigger.