85 318 4 speed

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by tphawk09, Feb 15, 2008.

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    thanks for all the help on here it ended up being the magnetic pickup in the distibuter but now after a while of plowing it stalls out blacksmoke out the tail pipe but then starts right up almost like its flooding out carb is a 1yr old holly and its been tuned up any suggestions would be great cheers
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    Sell it and buy an 89 with fuel injection, thats what I did... My 84 was always having carb issues even after I bought a new Rochester for it... I couldnt deal with the finicky adjustments and I could never get it to idle right... I was always jealous of my buddies 85 Chevy cause his truck ran like a top and it was carborated... Once you mess with it and start changing carbs they always give you trouble in every car I owned... And when I am plowing its just something I never want to worry about... Thats the only advice I could offer you because unfortunately my mechanical expertise involves duct tape and hammer... If that dont fix it I call in a professional...
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    It run too much rich. How fuel filter and how spark plugs?

    My f150 have junk carter but not happy that why I am look for used motorcraft 2100 or 2150.
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    the holly 2barrel is a high cfm carb, works best on large cam rv, commercial motors at lower rpm. in your 318 i would put smaller jets in it. what is your timing set at. i would run it at 12deg advance to test it. also check your float level and float check valve seat. ethenol plays havoc on the neopreme tips on some check valves other parts are also in hazard of turning to goo with ethanol use. filters are glued together, this glue can fail with ethanol, your fuel lines can turn to goo. all these things can cause carb issues. preventative maintanence, new filters, fuel lines where rubber ones are used. power valves can fail