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84 chevy 2500 4x4 with 39k orig.

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by MLI, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. MLI

    MLI Member
    from Boston
    Messages: 53

    Drove past a olddddddd truck yesterday and had to stop. Truck was for sale, with fisher plow. Had 39 k on it...few dents no rust. Had the 400 tranny/auto....350 engine/truck had no options. Guy came out and gave history on it. Apparently it was a truck used to plow 4 parking lots for a hospital(explains low milage). He says the only thing it needs is exaust leak fix to pass inspection. Price for the truck is $2300. and guy tells me its negotiable!
    A) Would you be affraid of using this truck to plow due to age?
    B) Was thinking of offering $1900 cash, fix dents, paint, use for winter , then sell off.
    Any thoughts on this old truck?!:confused:

    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    i plow with 2 old trucks

    79 f350
    86 f250

    i prefer it that way when you dent it
    it doesnt hurt as bad

    also have 98 ram 2500
    maybe one day ill hang a plow on but for now it gets parked when it snows

  3. snowjoker

    snowjoker Senior Member
    Messages: 283

    I like the older trucks because they handle the plow alot easier plus i agree w/ CARDOCTOR the dents don't hurt as bad:D
  4. Chuck Smith

    Chuck Smith 2000 Club Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 2,317

    I'd go for it too. One thing that is a little odd, is the TH400 trans. That was typically used in some 1 tons in 84, not 3/4 tons. The standard for 1/2 and 3/4 tons in 84 was the TH700 trans.

    It may have been swapped, along with who knows what else. Take a good look at it, but I would still buy it myself.

  5. snowjoker

    snowjoker Senior Member
    Messages: 283

    Chuck are those 700 r4 tranny's any good? I had one in my 84 and did not like it when i dropped another motor in it and never hooked up the detent cable and killed it and it's replacement too:( so i replaced it with a t-400 and wow what a difference. I now hafto get that one rebuilt too because it has died for some reason. But should be good for many miles after the rebuild:bluebounc
  6. porkhead1

    porkhead1 Member
    Messages: 70


    A truck that old w/ that little mileage has probably never been tuned up or serviced very well. And more than likely, just parked somewhere until it snowed. So, should you decide to buy it, becareful. I've known similar trucks that have been used bascially the same way & when it came time to change the plugs, it was found that the plugs were rusted into the heads. The heads had to be removed & sent to a machine shop to get the plugs out. The same may hold true for the brakes, u-joints, etc.

    Just my $.02.....:)
  7. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    Go for it

    You can't beat the older GM trucks.That 350/TH400 combo is pretty stout.

    I wouldn't be afraid to plow with that truck at all.A good once over,and maybe replacing common items like belts and hoses and you should be good to go.

    Is the plow an electric or engine driven hydraulic pump setup ? If it's electric,you may want to look at some charging system\battery upgrades.

    The TH400 was quite popular on the 80's trucks.I always thought it was the base or standard trans,and the 700R4 was an option.
  8. Chuck Smith

    Chuck Smith 2000 Club Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 2,317

    From 73 - 80 the standard auto was the TH350, and the optional on HD models and 1 tons was the TH400.

    From 74 - 79, the NP 203 was mated to the TH 350 and TH 400.
    Some 73 models with a standard trans used the NP203, but it was standard with the TH350 in 1973 too.

    All 1980 trucks used the NP205 t case, because GM was working on it's replacement driveline....

    In 1981, the replacement was released, which was the NP 208, coupled to the TH700R4. Between the OD of the 700, and the aluminum case of the NP 208, GM was able to meet Federal MPG and EPA standards. The standard auto trans from 81 - 87 was the TH700R4. The 700R4 and NP208 were even used on some 1 ton trucks in the 80's.

    I am not 100% sure, but I also believe in 1981, GM upped the GVWR of the HD 3/4 ton models to 8,600# from 8,400# to meet the Federal guidelines, and be able to offer non-emission HD models. If it was not 1981, it was soon after.

    Again, I am not 100% sure, but I believe 1981 was the first year the 10 bolt appeared in the rear of 1/2 ton trucks, which cut down on weight a little more, when used with the lighter NP208, and OD TH700R4 trans. If it was not 1981, again, it was soon after.

    Walt, from what I understand, the TH700R4 is a decent trans. The earlier models had some problems, which were corrected in later years, though I am not sure when that was, nor am I sure of what those problems were. I am sure John D. or Chris can tell us what the problems were. I would venture to guess not hooking up the detent was not a good idea... LOL.

  9. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    Some of the early 700R4's were problematic.There are lots of updates and upgrade parts available now.Most of the problems were due to weak design,and have been improved upon over the years.I'm sure John can chime in with more details.

    I think the TH400 was standard (or just very popular) on the 3/4 ton and up 2WD trucks and vans,as most of the base models I have seen all have the TH400.I still do see a lot in the 4WD's too,just not as many.
  10. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,154

    The early 700's had some issues,no doubt. the original 7 vane front pump was a problem,as were some of the sprags. The pump created buzzing which made it self destruct. After 1988 most of these problems had been addressed. I feel the 91-92 truck models were the best ever made. Machining quality started falling off IMO after 93-94. Just like Vinnie said on the show monday night. I cannot stress how much you cannot run a 700R4 without a Tv cable:D . The tv cable is the only way the trans knows the load being applied to it. The Th400 has a vacuum modulator,it sees the load through it.
  11. snowjoker

    snowjoker Senior Member
    Messages: 283

    Oh well on hooking up the detent cable :eek: I wont forget it now since i did not know anything about it the first time. or the second time lol I have learned by that mistake:help: I am glad i dont have that BS to worry about now w/ the t-400:D