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83 k20 alternator

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by meborder, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. meborder

    meborder Senior Member
    Messages: 142

    I think the alternator went out on my plow truck yesterday.

    won't charge at anything over an idle, but seems to eventually restore the voltage if you just let it idle.

    I was going to just pickup a cheap rebuild here today, but i thought i'd ask if there is an easy upgrade. I've done a little checking around, but it i'm not finding much that doesn't require changing brackets and wiring.

    Just wondering if there is an alternator from a slightly newer truck that might have the same wiring but with just a little more output. the stocker for this year appears to be about 60amps.

    it's an 83 k20 with the 350.
    mostly i just need to get it going again.

    thanks in advance!
  2. CAT 245ME

    CAT 245ME PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,066

    The best place to find out anything on the 73-87 GM full size trucks is ColoradoK5.


    Anything you need to know about these old solid axle Chevy's is right there.
  3. meborder

    meborder Senior Member
    Messages: 142

    just got a stock re-man.

    got the lifetime warranty though ... between the plow in the winter and running a 750watt inverter to power a water pump in the summer, the alternator is doomed. figgured i'll get to claim the warranty at some point.

    thanks for the link ... just don't have time to mess with it right now.
  4. woodchuck2

    woodchuck2 Senior Member
    Messages: 304

    I snagged one off a Caddy for my off road truck, i want to say it was a 70 amp or a 95amp, cant remember now. Took some modifying to fit my small block Ford but it worked great.
  5. sweetk30

    sweetk30 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,588

    search the garage section over at www.coloradok5.com there is a diffrent gm alt for the v-belt bguys that is from a pontiac transport van if i recall and get it with all the options and stock its around 140 amp.

    i used a new unit made to drop in my serp belt style and its 200 amp . works great over the years. but i run live hydro pump on my fisher. but all my lights and old school fedsig street hawk light bar drink the juice.